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To be honest, there are quite a few people asked my opinions for various topics such as tips or questions about UniKL MIAT, Studying in UK, Psychology, Baitul Muslim etc. 

Due to this, I feel that it's a shame if I didn't share them with my friends, because I am confident that there's a lot we can learn from those questions. Right? At the same time, the askers' identity will be kept confidential.

Therefore, with that aim, I made this official by launching the project #AskAiman

If you want ask a question, click here :

"I want #AskAiman to not become a savior or problem-solver, as it made the asker depends on the creation instead of the Creator. Rather, I vision that it will become a lesson to all of us, and even wisdom to not just for all the readers and askers, but to myself as well."

List of answered questions so far :

Ask Aiman 1 - Berhenti Bermaksiat, Lelaki Pendosa

Ask Aiman 2 - Hubungan Stagnant, Belum Ready Nak Kahwin, Pokok Biru

Ask Aiman 3 - Blog Yang Mantap, Haniff

Ask Aiman 4 - Stop Thinking To Give Up, Miss Sincere

Ask Aiman 5 - Tips Proses Selepas Diikat, Muslimin Tak Gersang

Ask Aiman 6 - Bercakap Dengan Bahasa Yang Baik, Harith

Ask Aiman 7 - Sweet Dengan Tunang, Jejaki Keliru

Ask Aiman 8 - Expectation Lelaki Terhadap Isteri, BiruLangit

Ask Aiman 9 - Tips Tukar Jurusan, Luqman Hakim

Ask Aiman 10 - Ibu Takut Kehilangan Anak, Cr Yana

Ask Aiman 11 - Ignore Lelaki Yang Approach, Monologue Girl

Ask Aiman 12 - Facts (Brain) vs Instinct (Feeling), Ana

Ask Aiman 13 - Plan Everyday Life, Mr S

Ask Aiman 14 - Dakwah Dengan Family, Tanpa Nama

Ask Aiman 15 - Kawan Lelaki Yang Rapat, Bunga Biru

Ask Aiman 16 - Pandangan Mengenai Hobi, Selipar Jepun

Ask Aiman 17 - Calon Back Up, Kopiah

Ask Aiman 18 - Tunang Extreme Jaga Hubungan, Anonymous

Ask Aiman 19 - Perempuan No Longer A Virgin, Hamba Pendosa

Ask Aiman 20 - Konsep Solat Istikharah, ANH

Ask Aiman 21 - Sahabat Berfikiran Negatif, Anonymous

Ask Aiman 22 - Cara Belajar Di UniKL MIAT, Muhd Irfan Che Wil

Ask Aiman 23 - Drop Out, Improve, Opinion, Marriage vs Debt, Anonymous A

Ask Aiman 24 - Sudah Kira Bertunang Atau Belum?, P

Ask Aiman 25 - Persoalan Mengenai Aiman, Jubli Perak

Ask Aiman 26 - Reject A Handshake, Jacob

Ask Aiman 27 - Cop Lama Sangat, Akhirnya Dia Berkahwin Lain, Aku Hanya Seorang Wanita

Ask Aiman 28 - Balance Dengan Self Esteem, Budak Konon Poyo

Ask Aiman 29 - Kanak-Kanak Hyperaktif, Aiman

Ask Aiman 30 - Ikhtilat Dengan Muslim & Non Muslim, Bukan Rashid

Ask Aiman 31 - Jawapan Allah Dalam Istikharah Kita, Butterfly

Ask Aiman 32 - Berhadapan Pesakit Di Hospital, Sodyum Baryum Yumyum

Ask Aiman 33 - Suami Boleh Dididik Isteri?, BiruLangit

Ask Aiman 34 - Balance Agama Dan Kehidupan, Siti

Ask Aiman 35 - How To Know When We Love, #Scarred

Ask Aiman 36 - Proses Taaruf Dan Menolak Lamaran, (PI)

Ask Aiman 37 - Overthinking Towards People's Feeling, Riley Inside Out

Ask Aiman 38 - Mendapatkan Perempuan & Tercapai Cita-cita, Silent Repenter

Ask Aiman 39 - Approach Gegurl Yang Kita Minat, Lelaki Hensem Superb Kachak Al Kedahi

Ask Aiman 40 - 3 Quotes That Give Impact, Anonymous

Ask Aiman 41 - Abang Yang Ada Teman Wanita, Hope

Ask Aiman 42 - Strength Untuk Move On From The Past, Hamba Pendosa

Ask Aiman 43 - Overthinking Women, UmmuTsana'

Ask Aiman 44 - What Men Are Looking For In Women, Hmm

Ask Aiman 45 - Semakin Dewasa Semakin Lost, Mencari Diri

Ask Aiman 46 - Lelaki Masih Belum Proceed Dalam BM, Nafisatul_ilmi

Ask Aiman 47 - Takut Buka Hati Persahabatan Baru, Rama-rama

Ask Aiman 48 - Define Love Yourself, Saya

Ask Aiman 49 - Tolong Palestin Syria Sampai Terlupa Malaysia, Orkid Purple

Ask Aiman 50 - 4 Cabaran Dalam #AskAiman, Jubli Emas

Ask Aiman 51 - A Non Ideal Muslim Boyfriend, Wicked Girl

Ask Aiman 52 - Kenapa Berniat Berpoligami?, Double A

Ask Aiman 53 - Lelaki Yang Disukai Friendly Ramai Perempuan, Ayu

Ask Aiman 54 - Kawan Putus Tunang, Bertunang Dengan Saya Tapi Putus, Siti

Ask Aiman 55 - Cara Menegur Seseorang Sensitif, Miftahul Jannah

Ask Aiman 56 - How To Know Guy Really Loves This Girl, Ara

Ask Aiman 57 - Semua Dah Nak Kahwin, Saya Je Belum, As

Ask Aiman 58 - Stuck Between Courses (Passion vs Forced), AI

Ask Aiman 59 - Lelaki Diam Selepas Tahu Perasaan Saya, Si Galau

Ask Aiman 60 - Dah Perlu Start Mencari Pasangan Hidup Ke?, Sulung Girl

Ask Aiman 61 - 7 Years of Having Feeling Towards Crush, Elsa

Ask Aiman 62 - Putus Tunang, Rebound Dengan Teman Lain, NA

Ask Aiman 63 - Being A Pioneer & Loneliness, Shadow

Ask Aiman 64 - Self Esteem Hilang, Esteem

Ask Aiman 65 - Tak Boleh Maafkan Lelaki, Lala

Ask Aiman 66 - Someone Approached, Jeng Jeng

Ask Aiman 67 - Si Dia Main Tarik Tali, Forever Overthink

Ask Aiman 68 - Heal A Broken Heart, Amy

Ask Aiman 69 - Tunang Pergi Ke Abang Angkatnya, Abang Konfius

Ask Aiman 70 - Teman Lelaki Ketumbuhan Paru-Paru, Hani

Ask Aiman 71 - Lelaki Biseksual, Barangan Rosak

Ask Aiman 72 - Mulakan Hidup Baru, Your Answer

Ask Aiman 73 - Lelaki Terlalu Control, SiPendosa

Ask Aiman 74 - Bakal Wife Ada Depression, Iron Lady

Ask Aiman 75 - AskAiman Support Family, Jubli 75

Ask Aiman 76 - Muslimin Tak Boleh Terima Direject, Qurrotu' Ain

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