Saturday, 24 September 2016

Visiting Belfast Family

I miss my family.

For this exact reason is why I love visiting some family's home whenever I travel to a city, especially when I am close with both of the husband and the wife.

There's a hidden satisfaction inside me whenever I'm in the family-like environment. Seeing the toys and nursery's stuffs laying around, listening to the kids giggle and cry, feeling the cozy and homey ambience.

It really does hit the spot!

You know why?

Because deep inside us, we all are looking for something that can make us feel comfortable. Something familiar to us, a place or situation where we can feel closer to our origin, somewhere we can feel safe.

To me, being with them made me smile, because it's the closest thing I can have to feel like I'm with my family again 😇

Psstt :
Petanda tak sabar untuk family sendiri? Lol. For sure akan ada komen nakal macam ini.

Day 10,
Malone Ave, Belfast
Northern Ireland

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