Friday, 23 September 2016

The Cork Trio

As travelling has its own benefits, especially a pleasure to our eyes from the scenery, sometimes it is also important to fill our ARAS as well (human social pleasure system). 

And I did that by having these guys with me in Cork for 3 days (not all the time, because you know, medic students has no life 👻 )

It was a blessing and honor to receive such a great hospitality from them, be it for accommodation or just a conversation. Thank you, and insya Allah we'll meet again in Malaysia.

Quoting Hijaz's word,

"First time kita jumpa dulu, Aiman, ko first year, aku still belajar. Kat PUISI 2014. Ini kita jumpa for the second time kat oversea, ko dah final year and dah nak grad pun, aku still lagi belajar."

That's what you get for studying medics 😅

Later, buddies! Haziq and Hijaz 😊 and SEE YOU AGAIN, Cork! It was a wonderful experience to have in there. Great nature, great people, great food.

*uhuk chilli padi uhuk*

Photo :
I was having a genuine laugh because during this photo was taken, I said,
"Tiga-tiga duduk macam tengah bersanding atas pelamin." 

So yeah, it was a happy thought 🙈

Day 3,
Cork, Republic of Ireland

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