Saturday, 24 September 2016

Open Your Eyes, Not Just Your Lens!

"Sometimes the best way to connect, is to disconnect."

In all our life, we spend a lot of time in the virtual world, where the world is at the tips of our fingers. My experience of travelling in Ireland without any mobile data has both benefits and disadvantages.

It is hard for me to google something related for my travel, but at the same time it helps me to focus on the real world, forgetting the virtual world.

Have you ever come across a situation, scenery or landscape that was so beautiful and you can't wait to capture every detail of it with your gadget? Be it smartphone, camera, gopro, DSLR or anything.

And when you're done shooting, you moved to another place. Because in your mind, all you can think is "I have captured it. I'm satisfied."

Well, ask yourself this. Are you really satisfied? Do you really really enjoyed the view?

I mean, our world nowadays, we are so busy capturing everything with our gadget that we forgot to LOOK.

The scenery might be captured and stored in your memory card, but it will never ever defeat the moment you SEE the view and captured it into your heart.

Look at the world with your eyes,
and not just with your lense.

Disconnect with your device, so you can connect again with the nature 😊

Day 9,
Kylemore Abbey,
Republic of Ireland

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