Friday, 23 September 2016

My Belief Of An Efficient Public Transport System

London Tube Map which covers all around London huge city. In short, you can go almost anywhere without having a car when you're in London.
The presence of a great public transport system is one of the many proofs of how good a government is towards their people. Public transport is supposed to be the highest priority of contribution from the government for the people.

A public transport system doesn't necessarily means a huge and bombastic project of creating new system which requires big constructions like the MRT (just an example). Public transport also can be the multiple in-city bus system (not inter-city) which connects major locations in certain city (e.g. hospital, police station, mall, market, school, university etc).

Indigo Bus, a super efficient bus system and ultimately, become the favourite among the students in the university of Nottingham.
To make the bus system more efficient, is making the bus has its own lane (therefore, doesn't need any new construction but paint works on the road), therefore will help the bus to move smoothly regardless of the traffic condition.

Another kind of public transport which don't require a huge budget and major construction but can prove to be efficient and use the already-have facilities, is the TRAM. A tram is like a bus which use the city road, but has its own path, even got the priority to move in the city especially during traffic jam. What made it more awesome is it will be as efficient as the LRT, only with the difference that it will be using the road and cover the essential locations through out the city.

A really reliable tram system in Nottingham City
One more thing, public transport is not just for the big city like the KL, Kajang, Shah Alam etc, but of course, for the other city far from the capital as well as in different states.

I genuinely believe that an efficient public transport will lead to various positive things for the citizen, such as :

1. Stress-Free Family

Because the bread winner of the family able to come home early and not stuck too long in the traffic jam, therefore they will have more time with family, and happy to be in it too.

2. Reduce of traffic jam

Traffic jam occurs because of too many cars on the road at certain time. When an efficient and reliable public transport system is there, people will slowly choose them instead of driving, then slowly the amount of cars on the road will reduce. Therefore, less traffic jam. Like me, I will always choose public transport instead of driving, if the public transport is really really efficient.

3. Increase Quality of Life

Who would not be happy when their journey of going to work for the family and returning to the beloved family, significantly smoother and easier? When less money spend on the car purchase/maintenance, with that, more savings, or expenses can be channeled to other stuffs.

I understand this concept is really idealistic (but I've already see its practicality with my own eyes), and not yet suitable to be implement in Malaysia. However, I truly believe that the time will come, as long as the right idea will pass through the right channel, and supported by the right people.

As we can see from our current government that really love to make the chronies richer. Alang-alang nak mengkayakan kroni, lebih baik kayakan mereka yang boleh membuat rakyat mendapat manfaat nya juga.

Kroni kaya dengan syarikat public transport,
Rakyat kaya dengan kualiti hidup seharian.

Am I right?

At least, so much better than Taman Tugu idea.

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