Saturday, 24 September 2016

Knowing Our 'Logam', Understanding Our Passion

"Aiman, can you be the emcee today?"
"Let's apply to be one of the committee!"
"Wanna be the facilitator for that program?"

These are some of the many comments I always get when it comes to event management. To be frank, my "logam" is working thru organisation, especially when it comes to something involving "front face".

It was since my time in UniKL MIAT I've realised about this. And I've embraced it ever since. I'm not like my friends who can speak the language of the quran, or using it as their point on their discussion. In short, I can't really speak "religiously" (you know what I mean)

This is exactly why I really appreciate all my experience during my organisational involvement for these past 6 years.

And another reason of this is because I don't really succeed academically. I'm not the kind of student who scored first class for every examination. Or even second class higher.

I'm not. And I don't I will ever be.

However, I will still be happy. Because I've found my passion, I've found my happiness.

I know that knowledge doesn't necessarily need to be learn in the classroom, but it also can be learn in organisations, events and even in the street!

Now, let's learn together, shall we?


Photo :
Wearing MIAT shirt in front of Queens University Belfast 💪🏻

Day 12,
Queens University Belfast
Northern Ireland

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