Saturday, 24 September 2016

Jelajah Ireland - The Final Day

"Good things must come to an end."

Ever wondered why such a quote exists? My understanding from those words are like when we're eating a very delicious cake. We don't eat it as the main course.

Rather, we eat with just enough that can make us feel like on the top of the world for a moment. Just a piece of it, with optimum satisfaction. Imagine, what would happen if we had too much of it? Aren't we going to feel bored? Muak? 

That's why we want to "exit" when at the top. Leave it in our memory as something valuable and with the highest tastiness.

To be frank, I feel sad when knowing that the time I have left in UK is decreasing day by day, minute by minute. To leave something that has been part of me for almost 3 years in here, is something I could never process.

Those precious experience taught me what I know today.
They shaped me for who I am today.
They guided me for what I'm going to be tomorrow.

Realising that I could never get this again anywhere in this whole world and this will be my last, there's no word to describe my feelings and my thoughts but just the tears flowing on my cheek.

Last night, I closed my eyes and the image of my numerous memories in here keeps flashing in my mind. I keep having the thought of,

"This will be the last time I'm here."
"This will be the last time I stand here."
"This will be the last time I see them."

Call me sentimental, I prefer appreciative.

"Friends that are far from each other will always be connected with nothing but by prayer and their faith in each other."



Had we come with heavy hearts and tired eyes, 
From land and land, across a sea or none,
What say you now?

Have not the smiles, and laughter made it worthwhile?
Can we say now, with hands clasped tight, 
And shoulders aligned, 

We stand strong? We stand together. 
We stand with each other. 

Like a unique chain with links of steel, gold, silver, alloy, 
Different, some stronger than others,
Some shiny, some beaten, some dented, some smooth,

And we are clasped together. 
So let's learn of all the metals, 

Let's hold out a linking arm, 
Let's share our metal secrets, 

Let's let's let's.


Day 14,
In my heart

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