Saturday, 24 September 2016

Having Faith At The Top Of The Cliff

"Fear is nothing but in our mind."

Truth to be told, I have a mild acrophobia (fear of height). It's not much, but enough to make my knee shivers. It took all my inner strength just to stand there like that on the cliff, facing towards the grand ocean.

Whenever I stand from somewhere high, I can't help but vividly visualising of me falling down. It's automatic. And it's scary.

However, today, I told myself to fight it. Fight not to win, but to conquer. I want to conquer my fear, therefore I distracted myself while standing there to look at the sky, rather than the ocean down there.

At first, I persuade myself to think that everything is fine and easy. Then I took a long and deep breath, and searched inside my mind for some strength that can help me to go through this.

After a while, I wad able to smile. A smile to show my confidence in doing this. Hence, this photo 😊

At that particular moment, I come into a sudden realisation. Bravery does not mean an absence of fear. Bravery can only come after having faith in oneself to conquer (not fight) the fear.

Because when we have faith in ourselves, we still have fear. But at least now we can conquer it! 😇

I am very proud with myself today for being able to do this!

Day 8,
Cliff of Moher,
Republic of Ireland

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