Saturday, 24 September 2016

Game Of Throne - Sincere Intention In Contributing

One crucial thing that I've learned lately is to have a sincere intention in our contribution to something.

To be frank, I was actually expecting good feedback from the people. Not because of the "feeling superior" kind of intention, but to because of how much effort I've put into the work. How much effort of wanted to appreciate everyone and their preferred sense. And from that, I would say, I want an equal output from my huge input.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying don't expect a good feedback. What I mean to say is to just give everything you've got. If we go for the extrinsic motivation perspective, we will consider the reward to be one of the major things to pursue.

However, when we seek into the intrinsic motivation part, we will find that the deep and inside satisfaction in our mind is a far better pleasure.

Because when we seek that, we would not care of how the people going to reward us (good feedback, interactive participation etc) but we will always give everything we have, because of that strong will to satisfy ourself through that work.

I was actually expecting a great participation, interactive reaction and a very good rapport with the people I've served for.

However, interestingly, I learned something new instead.
I've learned to be sincere.
I've learned to just work it to satisfy myself through it.

And to me, that is one of the most beautiful learning I've gained so far in life as a PLF 😇

p/s :
I'm considering of putting a new skill in my CV, and that is the ability to become a "midwife", or to be specific, a "diving midwife."

It happened twice in 2 days already. 😏

Photo :
Shooting scene location from the Game of Throne

Day 13,
The Dark Hedges,
Northern Ireland

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