Saturday, 24 September 2016

Expectation For Some Sunshine?

"Seems like it's always a good weather when you're here, Aiman."

"Of course! Because I am your sunshine!"


True. Since I came to Ireland last 10 days (I have been in here for more than a week already!), whenever I went out for the day tour, alhamdulillah it was a good weather.

Even when it's raining, it is still a good weather for me! I will still appreciate it as I am a natural pluviophile.

One thing I learn when it comes to the 4 seasons weather in a day (lol) in Ireland, always appreciate everything. Always find positivity in every outcome.

In our life, sometimes the result does not agree with our expectation. When that time comes, we will feel sad, disappointed and helpless.

People say that a higher expectation leads to a higher disappointment. I'll say, higher expectation leads to higher gratitude.

Whatever comes in our life, appreciate it. Even it is a bad experience, appreciate it still, because they still give you a learning.

Like the Malay said, "Terima seadanya."
I want to add, "Syukuri segalanya."

Appreciate the strengths,
Accept the weaknesses.
(Macam tips BM pula) 

Day 11,
Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge,
Northern Ireland

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