Friday, 23 September 2016

Cinta Si Wedding Planner - Galway Version

"One of the happiness is to see someone else's happiness."

Have you ever had the experience of watching someone you know, someone dear to you, someone who has worked with you, getting married to someone? And see the light of happiness in their eyes?


Honestly, I am very happy today. I feel great! What made it greater is when I was given the honor of emcee-ing their ceremony today!

Masya Allah! It was my pleasure!

Even I was offered the job in less than 24 hours before the wedding, it is still my honor! I feel happy to be able to be someone that could lighten up the attendees' day, and ease their flow of ceremony :)

Even better, I had the chance to have a heart-to-heart sharing moment with both of them after the event. It was really beneficial, really! 😊

Good job to all of the event committees who made it all possible today. Seriously, seeing the wonderful community in Galway today really opened up my mind.

"Apakah perbezaan Syakirah Azami dan gitar? Kalau gitar, petik nya di tali. Syakirah Azami pula petiknya di hati."
- Ahmad Asyraf, husband of Syakirah Azami -

Day 6,
Moyola Park,
Galway, Ireland

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