Saturday, 24 September 2016

Bercinta Tak Semestinya Memiliki :(

"Bercinta tak semestinya memiliki."

"Loving something doesn't mean we will get it."

Since last week I have been preparing myself. I've been telling myself of how I can't wait to travel to Aran Island from Galway.

I've researched.
I've surveyed.
I've prepared.

It's one of the most awaiting experience I've been looking for!

However, due to my health condition last Sunday, I have to sacrifice my plan for Aran Island. I CHOOSE to sacrifice it, so that I can proceed to Cliff of Moher and Connemara.

I have to rethink and prioritising which one has more benefit than the other. In short, I have to rank them.

It was a fiqh muazanat for me!

Well, no matter how much we love something, first thing we want to know is don't expect to be loved back. Love unconditionally, without expecting a return of investment.

That's what true love is.

Love with all our heart can give, and appreciate with all of our soul can be.

Aran Island, you might not be my jodoh, but you will always stay in my mind and my heart (and my google search history too)

Till next time.


Day 8,
Fritz Cross, Doolin,
Republic of Ireland

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