Saturday, 24 September 2016

An Appreciation Post For Jelajah Ireland

A journey was ended, doesn't necessarily means the life should too.

Time to go back to the reality. As much I really loved Ireland, it's time to continue my real reason in here, and that is to study.

Thank you to all people who helped through out my journey for these past 14 days.

Starting from Cork - Haziq and Hijaz who accompany me walking in the city and Cili Padi-ing during my last day in there. And for bringing me to see a truly magnificent view as well, during our farewell 😉

Then to Dublin people and PPIMI - for inviting me to handle an internal session with them, and Arifuddin Adam who is patient with my gedik-pickupline-syndrome, Syuhadah for "redha" being used as our free entrance ticket to Book of Kells, and again, to the awesome PPIMI team! It was my honor to finally meet with the team that inspired me so much.

Next, to the Galway community - who made me feel like home and a sense of belonging when I'm with them during the Cinta So Wedding Planner. Special appreciation too, to Ashman and Safuan for helping me a lot when I was in Galway, suggesting place to visit, food to eat, hoodies to wear etc. Really appreciate that! 😍

And last but not least, to Belfast people! Thank you for making me feel the importance of resting, and for being awesome as usual. The memories we've created there could never be recreate again, but will never be gone from my heart. Sadly, you also made my cried during our final night for keep remembering that this is my final contribution in these past 3 years in UK 😭

Thank you, for giving me the opportunity to meet with all of you, and becoming your friend, leader, follower, server etc.

Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.

Aiman Amri, signing off for the very last time before heading back to Malaysia this summer.
May Allah allows us to meet again one fine day, amin.. 😢

Day 15,
Taman Dunkirk Jaya,
Nottingham, UK

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