Friday, 23 September 2016

A Visit To The Book of Kells

"Knowledge is something beneficial which can be applied.
If it can't or didn't, then it is just merely an encoding of information in our mind."

Life is too short to not learn something.
Life is also too quick to stay at rest.

Be dynamic.
Pursue your passion.
And work hard.

These are one of my many life principle.
To share about it is to show compassion,
and to apply it is to show commitment.

I've shared my life philosophy.
What about yours? 😇


I feel really happy today for finally have the chance to visit the Book of Kells, Trinity College Dublin's books museum. Thank you for the free ticket 😊

Photo :
An analogy of how ALL of the books in the entire library can now be fit into my palm-sized kindle. 😂

Day 4,
Book of Kells,
Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

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