Friday, 23 September 2016

A Day With The Legendary PPIMI

"Passion is a simple drug that will keep us moving in our life."

I keep on holding this principle and apply it in my life. After have been travelling for 4 days straight, my body started to reach its limit. Continuous nosebleed and high fever since yesterday really make me need a rest, after going back from the Cliff of Howth.

However, today I broke the pattern.

My "rest" was to conduct a learning session with the PPIMI's committees, with the objective of self-development and teamwork building. Alhamdulillah it went well, although my body keeps reminding me to take it slow.

Passion is my drug,
And conducting a learning session is my addiction.

It's a pleasure and my honor to be with them in Malaysian Hall Dublin today. A great experience with various great leaders indeed!


Signing out from Dublin for today. Finished for my second stop. Tonight, going to continue my journey to Galway. Pray for me! 😇

Day 5,
Malaysian Hall Dublin,
Republic of Ireland

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