Friday, 12 August 2016

The 3 Levels of Friendship

"Relationships with our fellow colleagues are really important. In one of the many principles in the society is UKHWAH, which referred to a good relationship with other people."

There are 3 levels of friendship. First, is to be positive (husnuzon) to each other. Second, is to be neutral when it comes to conflicts (salamatus as-sadr). Then the highest and hardesr one is the third, prioritise the people first (ithar). And that is the highest level of friendship.

Thank you for the hospitality and the food! It's been a long time since  we see each other, and it's rare to be able to meet just for social reason.

Well, as expected, topics about medics came into the discussion. That's what you get when your senior is a doctor.

p/s :
Topik tarbiatul aulad pun sempat cover

Day 2,
Cork, Republic of Ireland

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