Friday, 12 August 2016

Nature - Closing The Gap Between Me And Allah

"People say that from our travelling experience, we get to know other people better (the one we're travelling with). And when you are solo travelling, you get to know yourself better."

From what I have come to realise, I love nature. Like, really adore it! The sightseeing of the marvellous Allah-made landscape really gives me satisfaction and a pleasure to my mind.

It made me closer to Allah as I know, all of these nature are zikring to Allah 24/7.

Have you ever heard the peaceful and calm experience when it comes to hearing ocean waves, birds chirping, etc?

That's what I'm talking about! ☺️

I could spend hours just looking at the scenery, listening to the wind and feeling the sunshine on my face.


Photo? That's a baby sheep trying to kiss me today. I thought only chicks dig me! σΎŒͺ

Day 2,
Ring of Kerry,
Republic of Ireland

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