Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Say No To Valentine? Think Again!

To all my muslims friends.
Alhamdulillah if you don't celebrate Valentine's Day.

However, please stop with the campaign of "I Am A Muslim, Say No To Valentine." How would you feel if the non-muslims put up banners of :

"I Am A Christian, Say No To Ramadan."
"I Am A Hindu, Say No To Eid Mubarak."
"I Am A Buddhist, Say No To Hajj."


Seriously, our Prophet Muhammad SAW never taught us to disrespect others, but he did taught us to not celebrate.

Condemning and not celebrating are two different things.

To be honest, I understand what your message is, and that is about Say No To Zina. I really do. In fact, I support it. But I'm afraid it might send the wrong message to the non-muslims, if we say the term "Valentine".

p/s :
Whereas the Western lately found the evidence of Gravitational Waves from Einstein's Theory of Relativity, which is a really really huge leap in understanding the universe, we muslims still at the same things, over and over again.


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