Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Don't You Feel Tired, Aiman? Nope! This Is An Addiction

"Don't you feel tired, Aiman?"

I was asked such a question lately. Specifically, during the PLF programme in Leicester, by one of the participants. Interestingly, by one of the committees as well (same question, from different person at different time).

Do you know what I answered?

Yes. I do feel tired. If I'm not, that's interesting. Well, how can't I? I was covering multiple tasks during the whole programme. For our first night, too many things happened and my real understanding of CHOICE was really tested. Then came the second day, the starting of the PLF programme.

Before we finished that night, I was so restless I even accidentally slept statically while holding the pen and the book on my lap, for 20 complete minutes. Alhamdulillah, at least I''ve got to complete my 1st stage of sleeping :)

When we finished the night, after the committees tasks as well, I again, accidentally slept on the couch while holding the phone. And you know what? Those tiredness was really nothing at all when I think about it. Why? Because IT WORTH IT.

1. Since my journey as a PLF last year, I've been praying to Allah that my friends would also be able to have this feeling of becoming a PLF. It was a life-changing experience that we would rarely get from anything else.

2. Since our first meeting among the committees of PLF@UK before we started our planning, I've been repeating and repeating my instructions to them, to participate in the PLF programme even though you're a committee. Unless you're the Kitchen Family, you're going to stay in the main hall, participating in the session just as any other participants. In short, PARTICIPATE.

3. It become worth it when I saw how much impact it gave to my friends, until I can't stop smiling, thinking that I can now share my world with them. Before this? I feel alone.

True, those multi-personnel experience was quite a havoc for me. Running there and here, doing that and this, even having some psychotic episode for a moment or two during the programme (haha).


When I saw my committees benefit a lot from the programme, isn't that the best feeling ever? The emotion that make you float in this world? The dadah of being a PLF? The trusting of having a faith that this will surely benefit you a lot in the hereafter?

Oh my Allah.

p/s :
A nosebleed is always my indicator of my extreme tiredness, just like RISE, DAISUKI, WOW. Haha! Don't worry. I'm fine :)

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