Tuesday, 31 May 2016

An Inspiration - Live To Inspire Lah!

One of the things I love the most about being a speaker, moderator, emcee or Professional Learning Facilitator, is my opportunity to convey my message from the heart, with the hope of it will reach someone's heart.

Some people are really good with sports, academic, research skills and what not, but not for me. Almost 18 years I was fighting within myself, finding my purpose and my role in the society, when I keep seeing my friends found theirs, as little as representing their school in Debate, Rugby, Hockey etc.

Alhamdulillah, finally, I found mine, and this is my stage. This is the limited platform which I can perform my best and actually feels satisfied with.

Every time during my program/slot, there'll be at least one people, who was moved or inspired by it. And I thanked Allah for this wonderful opportunity.

Although it seems by their words that they were inspired by me, but little did they know, I am the one whom was actually inspired by their passion and intention to learn the knowledge.

This kind of satisfaction is the "dadah" that I keep mentioning, that keeps me moving forward, with Allah's will. And this is why I am very passionate in spreading the philosophical and methodological views of being a PLF.


May Allah ease and bless our journey in seeking His knowledge thru various path, insya Allah.

Within the new day, comes new strength and new thoughts.

You know who you are.

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