Thursday, 19 March 2015

Inspiration of The Year!

Today's afternoon, I volunteered for the Nottingham Malaysian Festival - MFest​. After I finished taking a shower before going there and performed my ablution (wudhuk), it's already Zuhur. But I don't know why, I just went out, feeling like maybe I should just pray at the Portland (at the MFest location). I don't what got into me, because I don't usually delay my prayers.

When I arrived at the MFest, I did my volunteer works like inviting the locals to play the traditional game such as Dam Haji, Congkak etc, while eating the Kek Batik given (thanks to the one who made it. It's delicious). After a while, I remembered about my unfinished duty for Zuhur. My friend Faqihuddin Ghazali​ kept saying "Pergi la sembahyang Aiman." However, I kept saying after this. Because there was a feeling in my gut saying otherwise. (setan kot, delay solat)

Then there was this moment, when some Malaysians were preparing for their performance (I think it's chinese dance), there were 2 people (an old man and a young teen) passed by and asked me, where is the prayer room. The young teenager is like in his 20s, and the old man looked very smart and well-dressed. 

Hmm, thinking that I was still haven't done my Zuhur prayer, I told them that I could walk with them to the prayer room because I too, wanna pray. Hence, I guided them. While walking side by side, I asked them, just for short talks. Because they seems like from outside, (obviously, because they asked where is the prayer room)

They told me that they are from Manchester, and they're here because one of them (the teenager) will be studying in Nottingham this September. Aah! Cool! We kept talking while walking towards the prayer room, and I introduced myself properly. When we reached the prayer room, the young teenager went to performed his ablution and left me with the old man. I discussed with him about Islam, Islamic Society and he even talked about the Golden Age of Islam.

Suddenly, I remembered something. I smiled, because my mind was having a flashback from my passion towards the 1001 Inventions: Kegemilangan Tamadun Muslim​, a famous team who went around the world, promoting the Golden Age of Islam during the Dark Age of Europe. That old man asked me (which broke my flashback) have I ever heard of the Foundation for Science Technology and Civilisation (as he said that he's the director). I admitted that I never heard of it. Then he asked me again, have I ever heard its program, the Muslim Heritage : 1001 Inventions.
( )

Well, of course I do! I nodded with excitement on my face! He smiled and added, "I'm the founder of that. I'm Professor Hafiz." Wait. WHAAT?? I was so shocked, my mouth literally opened for more than 5 seconds when he said that. While covering my mouth with my palm, I could not control my emotion that my tears flowed a bit at that moment. :'(

How couldn't I? I have been following the 1001 Inventions team since I was in my secondary school, and I have been reading their book when I first went to their exhibition in KL last two year! In fact, I watched their short films about this ( ) when I 'korek' my brother's external hard disk during my secondary school! It was my first moment of how I got to know this great team!

At that moment, I felt like I wanna cry and cry, of happiness! T.T I never expected that Allah will give me this great opportunity to meet with its director! The founder!! And best of all, I get to lead the Zuhur prayer with him! Allahu.. He was a musafir, so he could qasar, but he insisted that he could do full 4 rakaat, because he wanted to pray with me as makmum T__T

After we finished our prayer, he gave me his business card and asked me to email him, because he wanted to keep in touch. I even told him about my Infiru Learning & Consultancy​ company and the Platform Siswa Islam Malaysia UK​ (PRISM) in UK. We took pictures together and even kept talking while getting out the prayer room! I walked them out as they need to get to go to the Law School for his grandson (the young teenager before).

We had a really great time, and beneficial talk. I told him about my previous study in Engineering of Aircraft and he was very impressed, as he was also from Mechanical Engineering in Manchester. He added that engineering field is useful, even though I won't use it anymore (as I'm already decided to go into Psychology) as muslim nowadays need to understand the fundamental system of everyday's technology. True :)

Well, I watched them walked away from the Portland building and even until now while typing this, I still can vividly remember our previous conversation. One thing I will never forget,

"Muslim nowadays only focused on one field. It was different from our previous scholars, such as Ibnu Al Haytham who founded the optical camera, he was also an engineer, a physicist, a philosopher, and chemist and so much more!"
Subhanallah, masya Allah. 18 March 2015.
A true unforgettable moment.

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