Monday, 23 February 2015

Never FEAR, as Allah's Here!

" What's the opposite of FEAR? "

Some would say, COURAGE.
Some would say, BRAVERY.

There's a lot of opinion, and everybody is entitled to their opinion.
Nevertheless, for me, I believe that the opposite of FEAR, 


Why? Because FAITH is a strong value in our heart, which could drive ourself towards something that we never thought we could. It's a powerful feeling of 'kebergantungan' towards something, which will definitely become our strongest weapon to fight FEAR.

And in our case as muslims, our FAITH is of course, without a doubt, to Allah.
Everybody can have their FAITH towards something.

Even if you don't believe in GOD, not believing in something is also a belief.

Because when we have FAITH, we still have FEAR,
but we can fight it!


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