Saturday, 21 February 2015

Kebetulan Kah?

"Tak ada istilah kebetulan. Semuanya telah dirancang."

Saya belajar konsep ini hampir 6 bulan yang lalu. Sebenar-benar belajar, bukan sekadar baca di artikel, bukan sekadar ternampak di FB. But, little did I know, I never thought that tonight would be the moment when I would really understand and feel this concept.

Ceritanya begini,

1. Malam ini, kami di UoN ada forum MultiRacial, from NMS. Dan saya datang dalam keadaan yang amat rushing, but interestingly, I brought a hp charger (without planning). I just happened to take it with me. Usually, I don't bring a phone charger with me whenever I'm out. I just don't. Not my habit. But this time, it's just happened.

2. Last week, I've got the offer to be the moderator for this forum. But I don't know why, I feel uneasiness in my heart. I admit, part of it is because I want to give chance to someone else. Tak nak lah program NMS asyik muka Aiman Amri je jadi speaker/emcee/moderator. Hence, I passed it to someone else, and let the NMS decide who's it gonna be.

3. Sedang mendengar forum dengan khusyuk dan tawaduk (betul khusyuk, bukan yang tertunduk tu), dapat panggilan daripada big bos sebuah event ini. Diberitahu, ada meeting tergempar malam ini, dan amat-amat memerlukan saya untuk ada. Alamak. Come on la! Nak dengar forum lah!

4. But, passion with knowledgeable talk, or responsibility for a program? Do the maths. Hence, I sacrificed my talk, to attend the meeting. Combining those two 'coincidence', suddenly it hit me. Seriously!

5. Therefore, there I was, sitting behind a photocopy machine, tumpang plag untuk charge hp (sebab nak buka skype), and I can't even imagine if I am the moderator like I was offered, the meeting could not happened with Aiman Amri in the picture. And without the charger, I might join the meeting just for like 10 minutes because of low battery to begin with.

And during that specific moment when I realised, there's no such thing as coincidence. Everything is written, and it's depends on our free will as well. Allahu... Until now, I'm still feeling it and grateful for this valuable lessons. :')

Sorry lah. Itu je nak share malam ini. Nampak kecil dan merepek, but it's valuable for me. Something which I have faith that it can convey a good lesson to anyone reading this post, insya Allah.

120% and beyond, right? ^_^

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