Wednesday, 10 December 2014

I Am Not A Religious Guy


I am not a religious guy.
You know why?

When people are getting ready for prayer,
they don't look at me, to be the imam.
Just how many pieces of Quran's ayat did I memorise?

When people are looking for tarbiyah leader,
they don't look at me, to grab that kind of responsibility.
Just who do you think I am? Tarbiyah? Pfttt..

When people are searching for someone to ask about Islam,
they don't search for me, to be the source for asking question.
Just how much knowledge do you think I have?

I know this, since I was a little boy, and I accept it. I admit, my tarbiyah is not like my friends. They are so ustaz-personality, and their knowledge are far superior than mine. Therefore, I've never expect to be that kind of person, because that's just not who I am, and whom I will ever be.

Hence, I can never hope to contribute for Islam in terms of tarbiyah, Quran Hadith, be a muslim leader and so on. No, I will never become like them. They are my friends, and I respect them for that. They are my inspirations, and they are my admirations, because of Allah.

But, one thing I know for sure,

I'm good with people.
I'm good with talking.
I'm good with writing.

I said 'good', because I'm able to do it with ease,
not because 'good' as in 'good-talented'

I have faith that people can contribute to Islam in various ways. I know this, because I wanted to. I don't want to die, thinking that I did not contribute anything to Islam. Be it small thing like making a dakwah poster, sharing videos in FB etc. I believe, that no good deed is a small deed.

That is why, I sharpened my skills (and still am) in those particular area. I know, those are the things I'm good at, and I have a small chance to be great at. I understand it perfectly that the road will be far and tough, full with numerous tests, but I need to realise, it is the only 'logam' I have, and no matter what I'll never give up.

Based on these feelings, passions and realisations, I founded the Infiru Learning & Consultancy company. It is the one place that I can be myself, apply what I'm good at, while continue contributing to Islam, even it is just with a small portion.

You know why?

Because I am not a religious guy.

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