Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Inter Stellar Lala~

Assalamualaikum and salam iman!

Bismillah.. Yesterday, I shouted in FB with passion and excitement about the mind blowing plot of the Interstellar movie, written by Christopher Nolan. Wrote just after I finished watching it in Cinema Showcase Nottingham, UK, alone >.<

[ SPOILER ALERT. Don't keep reading if you don't want any spoilers ]

As its plot's complexity is rated by me yesterday as 200%,
but to be completely honest, my surprise-ness is maybe just a half of that.
Why? Here's why :

1. The movie's name itself
Interstellar means something related to galaxy travel. When I read the teaser synopsis, it's confirmed my expectation, which will be about the space, black hole, planets, galaxies etc. Haha. I know this is silly, but as you read along this post, you'll understand. These lead to number 2.

2. Because it's Nolan
To be honest, I love Nolan's movie. His movies really feel 'congruent' and 'masuk' with me. My taste in movies is exactly as the Nolan's movie, especially Inception and The Dark Knight trilogy. Hence, I can say that, I quite know how his movies are. I'm very familiar with his mind and idea of complexity and the way he conveys it into a movie. So, basically, I'd already expected his movie Interstellar to be this complex and extremely good, but mind blowing :D

3. The theoretical principle in the movie
I love space. Since I was young, I always love to learn about space, stars, galaxies, planets etc. I even have tens of books about these, and have one giant book, literally the size of a table, explaining various basic knowledge of our space and the thing inside it. During my free time, I love to download and watch hundreds of documentaries about these. So in a nutshell, I already have some knowledge about the spacetime, relativity, wormhole etc. These are all just basic understanding, touching the surface, and not the detailed equation etc. Hence, these leads to number 4.

4. Wormhole, black hole, spacetime, gravity and dimensions
The facts about gravity will affect our time rate is interesting. I already knew this, when I watched a long time ago, a discovery about how astronauts in space experience time slower than us, because they have different strength of gravitational pulls from the Earth, not like us.

The popular theory of wormhole can bend the law of space, is also intrigues me long time ago. So yeah, it was no surprise at all for me during this movie. One of the many things that is considered as completely new to me, is about the fifth dimension in this movie. I know it is just a theory, but it's still a surprise and interesting for me :D

Black hole. This is interesting. I always love to read and watch about it. In fact, I was once watched various episodes from various documentaries, just about the black hole. An interesting thing, and sparked various interesting theories from humans too, especially the string theory from the infamous Stephen Hawking.

Before I finished my post, let me be clear. I AM NOT UNDERESTIMATING THIS MOVIE. No. It's not like that. I am merely saying that it is an advantage for me to strongly understand (just in surface. The idea of it, not the details calculation) all of these theories, facts and knowledge. This leads to a higher understanding for me about the movie, and decreasing my absorbing & digestion time of the movie, so to speak :P

In conclusions, the things that I considered this movie to be extremely good, is the idea of combining various theories and laws into one single movie, without carelessly forgetting the basic soul of a movie, which is the plot itself. One who can be that critical and creative with this madness, is Christopher Nolan himself :D

Disclaimer :
The reason I wrote all of these was not about showing off that I know a lot, but it's rather something that is entirely different. It's about how I love movies, I love space, I love Nolan's movie and I love complexity.

Mix these all together? Well, it's a buffet for my mind!

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