Friday, 2 July 2010

Bye Bye Home! Hello MIAT!

Today is Friday
The date is 2 July 2010

This Sunday,
4 July 2010
MIAT Registeration

I guess,
This is a good bye

To all of my precious stuff in here

Before, 2.00 a.m. is the time I start to active in FB
Now, 2.00 a.m. I'm getting ready to sleep

Before, after subuh prayer is my sleeping time (I keep awake until subuh)
Now, after subuh is my waking time, getting ready the perform subuh prayer

It seems that my vacation is almost over.
I'm gonna enjoy myself a lot for this final day of vacation
Because when I am in MIAT, no more stuff like those.

This post is also my good bye to my followers

See you later !
Good Bye !
Au revoir !
Illaliqa' !
Ma'assalamah !


  1. ye la tiqa..


    skolah yg best..
    "aviation school"

    (nickname MIAT)


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