Friday, 28 May 2010

Wonderful Overseas Weekend


That's one of most common word I heard lately..
Especially from a girl, who like HIJOU very much

Before I eat my dinner, WOW!
Before I go to the toilet, WOW!
Before I go to sleep at night, WOW!

So funny...
The WOW fever is now HOTTER than FIFA World Cup fever..
(for now.. hehe)

Special to anyone, who will further their studies to the overseas,
I recommend to you, to join this event!
Trust me!
You will never regret it!

There will always be a problem as a muslim, when we are in the oversea such as United Kingdom, Ireland, India, Russia, Japan, United State and else.. Such an example, during the summer.. The period for Subuh prayer, will be very short. And, there will be no Isya'.. Sound crazy right? But, for students who were already been there, or still in there, they already knew about this. Even for me, it is still weird to hear!

So, I suggest to my friends, if you're going to further your studies to the overseas, come and join this camp! Tell everybody about it! Don't be shy..

For more information about Wonderful Overseas Weekend,
you can click here


  1. jangan rasa pelik acik. bulan 7 ni kita rasai sama-sama summer yang tak ada isyak.. hehe..

  2. oh so weird..xde waktu isyak?? O_O

  3. kalau tak pg oversea,bley join gak?

  4. ohh. suda ada button LIKE ah !

    saya suda "click here". nasib baik TAK BANYAK "click here" >.<

    aiman, kalau anda pergi WOW kan, tolong ya pos PENGALAMAN anda. :'(

    tak pun, kalau ada rakan2 anda yang pergi en, plus ada blog, sila nasihatkan mereka untuk tulis pengalaman di blog. nanti beritahu saya link blog mereka. saya nak usha ~~~~

  5. angah : alhamdulillah.. kalau xde halangan, kite alami same2..huhu.. x sabo nak gi london.. hehe..

    dd : yup.. isyak kan determined by di mana langit oren (senja) hilang kan? tapi, time musim panas ni, kat england contohnya, akan senja sepanjang malam.. so, xde isyak.. kite x biase lagi camni..

    nabilah : dah kalau menarik, join la!!! ko kan nak fly tahun ni.. rugi yg amat x pegi wei~

    husna : tu la.. aku x tau.. kalau boleh, aku nak je pergi.. teringin gile nak blaja bende2 ni..

    zahra : haha.. nak buat jugak ke button like? huhu.. hmm.. insha allah.. kalau saya pegi WOW, saya akan post dalam blog.. haa.. tu la.. sape suh fly awal sgt.. haha..


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