Friday, 7 May 2010

STARians in KLCC


Siraj is an excepetion.
He didn't deserve to come and join us.(Haha..)

We gathered together about 11.15 in the noon, in front of the Tanjung Golden Village. Then, we bought 5 tickets of Ironman 2. Oh, forgot to mention that, Siraj was not here yet. He was still in the train, and TURNED OFF his handphone. (Siraj, someday, you're going to pay to all of us)

Luqman found someone, who was actually his 'twin'. Haha..
Then, we went to Kinokuniya for a couple of minutes, while waiting until 12.10, which was the time of our movie going to start. I bought 4 Ramlee Awang Mursyid's novel. Hehe.. ^_^

I bought :
Bagaikan Puteri
Cinta Sang Ratu
Hijab Sang Pencinta
Cinta Sufi

Then, 12 o'clock. We headed towards TGV and entered first, without waiting for Siraj. We watched it first, and about 30 minutes after the movie started, Siraj called and waited near the counter. I was the one who must searched him and gave him the ticket. (Payback, Siraj!)

The movie was so fantastic! Never better! Then, we went to KFC for our lunch. I bought for free, of course (I have coupon, ^_^)While eating our lunch, we talked a lot, about STAR, SPM, Asasi, oversea, politics, PAS, BN and so much more. Hehe.. The funny thing was about Luqman. He ate his lunch with ketchup, without realised it. Haha.. Amon was the one who asked him in the end,

"Apasal ko makan guna sos tomato wei?"

All of us laughed together and Luqman, he was so ashamed and laughed with us. He was mad at Amon, why wait until he finished? Haha.. Such a child..

After that, we walked to Masjid Syakirin to perform our Zuhur prayer. While walking to the mosque, we took a lot of pictures, but sadly, as the cameraman (me), I only have two pictures of me. T_T


From right
Amir, Amon, Luqman, Siraj

Then, after that, we stayed for a while at the mosque. Just for fun. Taking pictures, and pranking each other.

Perjanjian Damai Ketua Pembangkang dan Perdana Menteri Malaysia
Date : 6th May 2020

After finished, we headed back to KLCC, because the bookworm Siraj wanted to go to Kinokuniya. What could we do? He need a company, because he's still a child. Haha..

Then, we LEG PARK in Kinokuniya, before returned home. When we were already at the LRT Station, we said good bye to each other and hoping to see again, in a mean time. After the hugging-hugging and touching-touching moment, we seperated to our destination.

Amon headed toward Setiawangsa
who was with Amir, Gombak.

While Siraj and I towards KL Sentral
with Luqman, Masjid Jamek.



There're some funny thing after that.

Firstly, Siraj and I were on our way to KL Sentral. Because there's no empty seats available, we just stood there. Then, after some moments, there were two seats available, so I sat first and told Siraj, to sit beside me. BUT, after realised the truth, we laughed and got out from the train. Haha.. The moment when there were two empty seat, was when we were already at KL Sentral. Haha..

The second thing, was when Siraj and I were buying our KTM tickets using the machine. When it came to Siraj, he got a DAMAGED ticket. Haha.. It was so funny, looking at the ticket's state.

p/s :
When I arrived at Sg Buloh, there was a guy in front of me, who was walking on the same direction as I was. He was wearing a nice T-shirt, which caught my attention.

Aviation School


  1. mugkin jodoh ko ngan laki tu.
    eh,bukan2.ngan MIAT laa.sori slh tekan.hahah

  2. bangang..

    kalo jodoh ngan laki..
    aku bunuh diri dah.

    kalo jodoh kawan xpe..

  3. hahahahha..lawak dowh..especially bab luqman mkm ngn sos tomato tu..haha...dia tu memang la...hahha..

    then yg part ko duduk bila dh sampai..hahha..
    adoi la korang ni..macam2..haha...

    aduh...bole plk aku gelak2 baca post kao yg nih..haha

  4. luqman, biase la die..
    die selamabe je makan ngan tomato time tuh..

    bile dah dekat abis, amon tanye die..
    asal tomato..

    luqman pun baru perasan.
    haha.. kiteorang gelak gile2 time tuh..

    part duduk tu, sebab aku x bajet dah sampai stesen kl sentral.
    igt jauh lagi. haha.

  5. Aku boley bayangkan camne gile nye keadaan.. Aisey knapela aku xduk KL...

  6. haha..
    memang gile..

    19 ni, amir nak ajak kuar lagi..

  7. ooo x ajak aku pown
    bnyk sdey maa
    n x pe Manul
    ko tdo ar umah aku
    t kte grak sme2

  8. zul, aku lupe lak pasal ko..

    aku x igt langsung ko dok area2 kl gak..

    19 ni, kuar r skali jom..
    mai r...
    ramai2 kan hangout kami..

  9. hee~
    lawak betul psl luq tuu.
    luq luq boleh dia tak prasan
    and pasal kao dlm train tuu.
    mmg kelakar kot.

    *cewah orgg tuu bakal kawan kao kot

  10. luqman tu mmg ,,
    aku mmg pelik..
    apsal xde rase masam pun makan tomato..

    dalam train tu, sebab aku bajet jauh lagi stesen.
    ne aku tau dah sampai...
    kebetulan lak seat dah ade kosong..
    aku pun main taram je duduk..

    kalau betul la..
    harap2 dapat masuk MIAT..
    kalau masuk JPA lagi best!
    syukur gile2 kalau ak dpt..


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