Thursday, 20 May 2010


So confused!
And yet, feel TERIBBLE!


Lately, I just received the the offer to further my study in MIAT.
I applied for Aeroplane Maintenance or Avionics.

But, because it was already full, I got the Helicopter Maintenance. It's really not my interest, because I think that the job chances are not wide as aeroplane. But, what can I do?

I also received International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM/UIA) for foundation in Engineering and Information Technology (if you follow my blog, you already knew this). But, the engineering courses available in the for degree, didn't interest me. There are Mechatronic, Automotive, Manufacturing, Aerospace, Materials, Biotechnolgy, Computer and Communication.

I was so confused..
Which path should I choose?
Which road that should not be taken?

Then, something worse happened.
When I woke up this morning,Ummi said something that killed me.

"Achik, tau dok? Abah keno pindoh ke Johor. 15 bule 6 ni abah keno ado sanno doh"
"Achik, tau tak? Abah kena pindah ke Johor. 15 bulan 6 ni Abah kena ada kat sana dah"


I cannot accept this!

And NO!

I will lost everything that I love so much if I left Sg Buloh!
  • My beloved school, STAR is near to Sg Buloh. It's easy for me to come and meet with my teachers, juniors or any event in the future.
  • My STARIANs friends, most of them live near to Kuala Lumpur. How on earth am I going to hang out with them?
  • My IfLA friends like The Night Stalker, Geng Like, Skypee, Ruhul Tajdid and all of them, most of them are here! (At least in Selangor). If they're planning for Reunion, I want to join as well! (Hairul just told me, maybe we're going to Genting Highland)
  • My study place will be far away from my sweet home! It doesn't matte whether MIAT or UIA, they will still far from Johor. MIAT in Sepang while UIA in Petaling Jaya. ARGH!
  • My village, Kelantan will be far away from me if I'm in Johor! No! All that left for me are my grandmother, Mek Kg Laut and Mek Pauh Lima.. =(
  • My foster family, who are Fadhil's family live in Puchong. I don't want to lost them! NEVER!
What should I do?

Would You help me,


  1. salam.

    aiman, banyak sungguh dugaan yang Allah beri pada anda. tapi saya tahu anda MAMPU menghadapinya . dengan pertolongan-Nya, inshaAllah :)

    saya tak berani nak cadangkan apa yang patut anda pilih. cuma saya pesan, MINTALAH petunjuk dari Allah ya !

    saya juga dulu SANGAT buntu nak pilih course apa. (last day untuk mohon PILN baru saya submit course apa) akhirnya Allah bantu saya melalui perantaraan Manusia. saya banyak dapat nasihat. lagi2 Mak sering bagi pendapat. Sebab tak nak digelar ANAK DERHAKA, saya pun turut kata mak, iaitu dengan ambil engineering. memang HAMPA amat sebab tak dapat nak pilih Sains Aktuari. Apapun, saya telah YAKIN dengan pilihan ini. Mom knows best for her daugther gitu. hehe

    tak semua petunjuk Allah beri melalui mimpi. (saya tak pernah dapat mimpi kalau buat solat istikharah. huhu) BANYAKKAN bertanya kepada mereka yang arif ya ! cari pros n cons UIA dan MIAT. nanti pandai2lah decide.

    okay, semoga anda beroleh YANG TERBAIK dalam hidup. amin.

    JPA, JPA, JPA ~~~ :)

  2. hm...
    masalah unutk decide course mane, itu telah setel..


    cume, masalah kene pindah ke johor

    hmmm.. insha allah.. jpa ari ni.. ^_^

  3. u'll meet new people
    mke new friends,
    see new environment
    learn new thngs
    so ap yg nk drungutnye?

    susa je nk trun kl,
    tp still boleh kn?

    let's all c thngs in another view
    it's alrght to feel sad kot
    bt each minute u spent sad,
    u'll neva get the sixty seconds of happiness bck. :)

    be strong man stronggg!!!!!


    xnak la..
    xnak terima pendapat ko..

    thanks la anyway.. tapi still x terpujuk la..


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