Saturday, 1 May 2010


My grandfather is sick.
He is now in the hospital.
Kidney-related problem.

I was so sad. Ayoh is my grandfather. He was so close with me when I was a kid. Even my relatives said that, I'm the "Cucu kesayange" ayoh.

I felt terrible because now, we are not that close anymore. When I visited the village during the school holidays, the only thing that I love to do was watching movies in my laptop. I always left ayoh alone.

Plus, there ise another problem. Now, I think it is because of Alzheimer. He did not recognised people anymore. Even a basic thing like solat, he did not know anymore. I feel sad, just by looking at him in the eye. He didn't know a thing.

Lately, he has just been atmitted to the hospital, due to kidney problem. He has been long-ridden with such test and I can say that his condition is very bad and unpromising. I would like to ask you to pray for the best that God may give him, whatever that be.

Should he continue to live, may God make the life easy for him.
Should he leave, may God make the departure easy for him and for everyone else.

The only hope for him now is by using hemodialysis machine to help his kidney, filtrate his blood.

That's all I want to say.


  1. salam.

    mugo "ayoh" demo sihat sejahtero pahni.


  2. wassalam..
    hope so..

    (fasih nampak? haha)


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