Thursday, 29 April 2010

SEMASHUR - Maths Carnival

Wednesday morning, I woke up early and prepared myself to go to Sekolah Menengah Sains Hulu Selangor, SEMASHUR. Maths Carnival was held at the school. So, I thought that, I want to join them. It was open for everybody to come and visit the school, and the carnival. So, about 8 a.m. I went to the McDonalds in the Petronas, and bought my breakfast.

While eating the Sausage McMuffin, one of my friends called me and told me that, from KTM Batang Kali, there was no taxi! My God. Thank you for teaching me! Huhu..

Hence, I decided to go by car. But, how? I never drove through highway before. I only drove in Sg Buloh area. A couple of husband and wife in front of my table caught my attention. So, I greet them and asked them to teach me how to get to Batang Kali.

Luckily, they were so kind and taught me really deep, until I understand very well. Thank you! So, about 9 a.m. I started my journey and headed towards the Ipoh - Kuala Lumpur PLUS Highway.

Firstly, went to Rawang first, and Kuala Kubu Bharu, Serendah and BATANG KALI. I felt the journey was very long and exhausting. So far! But then, when I finally arrived at Batang Kali, I searched for SEMASHUR. Soooo HULU. ^_^

Luckily, I did not lost.
Although that this is my first time coming here,
but, I didn't lost.
(Bak kata Kelantan, aku tak makan buah langsat la)

Then, I entered the school and parked my car. Oh my Allah! I could not believe it! Did I really just came to SEMASHUR, by car?? Wooaa..

Raidah and Aisyah

Then, I called my junior in here, and asked her to come the area, near the school office. Once I saw her, and I went to her back and just wait until she turn her back. And, as I planned, she turned her back, and when she saw me, she screamed loudly and was very suprised. Haha.. Sorry pal! Huhu.. She introduced me with her friend, Raidah. Then, they showed me around. There were so many activities, such as Puzzle, Pebbles and else. But the bestest, Haunted House! EEiii~~


Waiting for Haunted House (Pack like sardine!)

About 3 p.m. I was too tired to walk and participate any activites anymore. Duuh~ So, after saying good bye, I entered my car, and headed home.

The journey from Hulu Selangor to Sg Buloh, was very short and kind like no problem at all. Maybe I was already knew the roads, and plus, no more stop-the-car-and-ask-people-for-direction activity. So, I arrived at Sg Buloh about 4.30 p.m.

Still can't believe it!
Did I really drove to there?
>.< Suprised?


  1. fuyoooo! tahniah weh.aku sendiri pon belum smp SEMASHUR drive sendiri! HULU kan sekolah aku? baru kau tahu! hahaha.laluan tu dh sebati dh dlm hidup aku.HAHA.

  2. amal : haha.. aku bwk pun., bapak bangge nye.. drive tuu.. huhu.. dh r alone..

    ko nye skolah mmg hulu..
    xmacam star..

    ape2 pun, syg jugak skolah sendiri kan..

  3. semangat betul STAR ko tu.sama je ngan abu.huh

    lagi sekali,terimakasih wey letak gmbar monyet tu~~
    memikat hatiku.

  4. Apasal aku semngat ngan STAR lak..

    ni SEMASHUR la..

    monyet lame ko dah nak tinggal?

  5. takpe2.HULU2 pon aku survive ape 5 tahun.haha.tapi skola spe lagi cantek? SEMASHUR ke STAR? hahaha.
    kau lalu jalan yg bukit2 tu ehh? terer gile sorang2!

  6. eleh.. semashur cantik ke??
    boleh la..
    ade tasik..

    yup.. nak jalan mane lagi..
    xkan bawah tanah kot..

  7. HAHA , thanks weh datang . :D

  8. amal : haha.. aku bwk pun., bapak bangge nye.. drive tuu.. huhu.. dh r alone..

    ko nye skolah mmg hulu..
    xmacam star..

    ape2 pun, syg jugak skolah sendiri kan..

    aku refer kepada post di atas eh untuk mnyatakan ko smgt STAR sme cam abu.sbb abu suka kutuk skolah aku kat hulu

  9. husna : ko drive? pergh.. hebat2..

    sokong.. STAR bandar.. haha.. tapi, setiap skolah ade kelebihannya.. STAR kuat fly.

    SEMASHUR, sape nak fly?? haha.. nak gi mane..

    allo.. standard r budak STAR semangat star... MCKK pun camtuh..

    kalo nak bace sebab nye, ko tgk kat formspring aku.. aku ade jawab soalan dari seseorang pasal nih...


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