Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Mystery Guitar Man - Joe

We meet again.. For this time, just to relax our mind. I want to share something very very interesting woth you guys..

It's about this guy, his name is Joe (from what people know from his video). I am his fan. He's very creative in making videos. His videos was so famous and it is common for people to know his name. "MysteryGuitarMan" He can make music using cereal box, rubber band, spoon, glass, and many more! Even the floor in Hollywood!

For your information, because of all the video which he made, he was sponsored by Google and other company (I'm not quite sure, what is the other company)

Dapat duit bhai!

Anyway, i'll put some of his video in here for you guys to watch, what is so interesting about him.

Just go to YouTube,
search for mysteryguitarman
and click on his channel
"I make videos"


  1. Hahaha..ok..sekarang baru tahu ape yang mamat ni buat..selama ni duk tgk Man and ramai org lain jadi fan dia ni kt rasa mcm malas plk nak tgk ape dia buat sebenarnya..haha..
    INTERESTING! patut la ramai org minat..kreatif sgt3..especially yg IFlip tu..hoho..thanks Man tulis kat sini..klu tak ntah bile la sya nak tgk video2 dia..haha..

    Ok ah...nak pegi usha video dia yg lain kt youtube..hehe XD :P

  2. yaww~nseb kao suruh aku gi terjah blog kao ! hee~
    best betul dowh !guy neh talented gila kot !
    kreatif bagai !
    aku paling suka iFLIP ! yaww~ smart kot !
    mmgla best best gila !
    tengs man !
    ya miraa da terjah blog man HAHA

  3. sol : mmg cool! haha.. tgh promote nih! haha..

    mira : haha..
    terjah jgn x terjah..
    mmg best kan??
    iFlip tu video pertama aku tgk joe punye..

    ko try gi youtube.. ade beratus2 lagi video die.. die masukkan video baru setiap khamis..

  4. COOL giler siot.tapikan,aku suka yg last tu je.yang mase die suruh org pilih slh satu video tu.itu jee..HAHA

  5. husna : haha.. mmg cool..
    byk lagi r video die..
    ade ratus2..
    ko leh gi serach kat youtube..

  6. yeah2 aku pg serach kt utube.HAHA

  7. haha..
    gi tgk sume video die...

    jgn lupe subcribe channel die..


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