Tuesday, 20 April 2010

My Life At The Bottom

People said that our life, is like a wheel. Sometimes at the top, and the other time at the bottom.
  • When we are at the top, it's like climbing mountain. The higher our altitude, the greater the risk of falling down. For someone at the tip of a mountain, by using our little fing, we can push him/her to the bottom. That's why we need to take extreme measure when we are at the top.
  • When we at the bottom, we are more stable and greater force needed to push us. But, when we at the bottom, we can clearly see people on top of us. Hence, for those who are motivated will double the effort to move higher. So, more satisfaction for those who succeed to climb the mountain.
What I'm trying to say in here,
A genius will not always be a genius
An average will not always be an average
A loser will not always be a loser

(Good example : Naruto)

For the past few days, Allah gave me a lot of test. In term of LOSS.

My First test

When I was preparing myself to get ready for the IfLA's Reunion, I realised that my RM169 Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Headset was missing. It was in my drawer. I felt so angry and sad at the same time. How can I lost it?

Duuh~ It was so precious to me.. How can it was not in there? It's the only place where I put all of my personal stuff like handphones, wallet, MP3 Player, specks, shades, ring and BLUETOOTH
My Precious Bluetooth

My Second test

After finished picnic at KLCC's compound during the Reunion, we headed towards Masjid Al-Syakirin to perform the Zuhr prayer. Then, after all of the members were gathered, we walked away from the mosque. Unfortunately, I left my RM250-RM400 SEIKO Automatic watch at the wuduk area. But, the time when I realise that my watch was missing from my wrist, was too late. When I searched it at the wuduk area, it was already gone. Duuh~ It was given to me from Abah.. :(
My Automatic Seiko

My Third test

The reunion is ended. Therefore, Hazim Zahar and I went to the PC Fair at the Convention Center. The first booth we stopped at was NIKON. For what reason? We both are the DSLR Camera's fan. So, we were looking and searching for our favourite camera. Hazim loves Canon E550 and I love Nikon D3000.

The actual price of D3000 was rm1900, but during this fair, it was RM1500!! Came with FREE:
  • Tripod
  • Camera Bag
  • Filter
  • 8GB Memory Card

Unfortunately, my money that I collected to buy this kind of camera, was not with me. It was in my drawer in my room. Duuh~ Sadly, I walked away from the booth and accompany Hazim to go to the Canon booth. But, during his survey, I was not really interested in his conversation with the dealer. Then, we got out and returned home. Hazim went off from the LRT at Masjid Jamek station. Then, I continued my journey to KL Sentral and change to KTM to head to Sg Buloh.

THAT night, I told Abah everything about the camera. He easily said,

"Bakpo tok oyak ko abah? Kalo dok, buleh abah masuk dale bank. Pahtu acik wak tubik, gi beli, bayar mulla ko abah bilo sapa dummoh doh"

"Kenapa tak beritahu abah? Kalau tidak, abah boleh masukkan dalam bank. Kemudian, acik keluarkan, pergi beli dan bayar semula pada abah apabila sampai ke rumah"

How couldn't I think of that idea??!!
Having a DSRL Camera was always been my dream!

My Fourth test,
(and it's the greatest!)

Tiqa sent a message, saying that students under JPA to France, already in the collegue with her, the Mesir student. I was so shocked and after that, I called JPA and my previous post explained everything about that.

By rejected from receiving the JPA France scholarship, I felt like I lost everything. For all these month, my life was at the top. And now, the greatest challenge ever!

It's always be dream to further my study in France, since I was in form one. I've learnt French Language since F1 until F5..



  1. aimanamri..be strong!!
    aku sedih utk kesedihan2 ko tu..
    takpe,mesti ad benda yg lagi GRAND tuk ko..
    eh ko orang kelantan eh?

  2. be strong..
    susah tu..
    byk dugaan sejak akhir2 nih..

    bende yg GRAND tu, xtau la..
    how GRAND nanti..

    ye r..
    aku pure klantan..

  3. aiman amri = str0ng !!

    p/s : laa,,bakp0 d0k gh0yak mu nh org klntn ,,hee3

  4. im sorry to hear all those story.. n i understand when ur sad bcoz u lost ur items..i've lost my 2hundred ringgit watch at surau r n r, n my best friend borrow my 4hundred ringgit mp4 n never return it 2 me bcoz a thief had broke into her house n stole my mp4..however deep in side my heart i don't believe her somehow because she's good in telling lies.. hope my story will make u feel better. ^_^ hihi

  5. sol : thanks pal..

    haha.. sebak xdok ore tanyo.. pah, aku tok oyak la...

    didie : mak aih.. haha.. ade geng rupenye aku..
    hm..xpela, ini ujian buat kite..

    Allah xkan uji hamba-Nya melebihi kemampuan hamba-Nya itu..
    Allah yakin kita mampu harungi sume ini..

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. 'Boleh jadi kamu tidak menyenangi sesuatu,padahal itu baik bagimu,dan boleh jadi kamu menyukai sesuatu padahal itu tidak baik bagimu.Allah mengetahui sedang kamu tidak mengetahui'-Al Baqarah,216.

    Allah knows best,more than anyone else :)

  8. amal hayati : thanks.. =)

    mmg camtu.. selalu bende x best itula terbaik untuk kite,
    yg best itula buruk untuk kite..


  9. ade nme akuu!!! :DD
    xpe man.
    ak doakn ko among d 4 missing france stdnts tu

  10. haha..
    proud lak ade name ko..
    pendek je..

    x semestinye ko kan??

    ape2 pun..
    thanks pal..
    aku pun harap aku masuk 4 org tuh..

    kalo x pun,
    among 25 org untuk intake lagi satu tuh..

  11. haha
    spe lg yg msg ko ;pp
    ouh,yg mne2 pn ok kn?
    all d best!!!!

  12. tiqa : ntah le..
    sape la yg mseg tuh..

    tgk la..
    kalo ade rezeki, dpt la..
    kalo xde, xpela..
    ade hikmah..


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