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My Interview Experience

I woke up at 6 a.m. in the morning. After took a bath and changed my clothes, I snapped a picture of me, wearing the complete set of interview-attired (for memory :) Abah and I started our journey at 7 a.m. My breakfast was just Honeystar cereal and white milk.

In the car, I kept muttering selawat and zikr non-stop because of my nervousness and discourageness. While my father was driving the Waja, I was watching the green-natured of 'highway forest'. When we reached Shah Alam, oh my GOD! Bumper-to-bumper situation! TRAFFIC JAM!!

However, after PIN! PIN! and PON! PON! , we managed to escaped from the crowd because we took the Johor Bharu route. At last, we arrived at Putrajaya International Convention Center (PICC). We rushed to the lobby and straight to the escalator, headed to the interview's panel board. We searched for the name 'Mohammad Aiman Bin Amri' and finally, found it. Panel 12. After signed my name on it, I climbed the steps and head towards the 12th Panel. Just the moment I've reached the panel, the woman that taking care of my panel asked me,

"Mohammad Aiman, kan? Lambat!"

I apologized to her and told her what's really happened. She understand and give me a nametag. ALLAH! I've got number 1.. Ahh maann.. When I looked at the list, I was the 3rd person in my group. But, due to my lateness, I was moved the the 2nd group, and became the first person.. (duh... Only if I was earlier..One of my friend advised me, to pray to Allah to give me the middle number. Maybe 3rd or 4th)

(My name tag)

While sitting on the cushion chair, I was nervous. I tried to search something to distract me. But, I failed. My legs start shaking because of the coldness of the air-conditioner and of my nervousness.

I'm quite familiar with my weakness. I can't speak english well for my first time (if I left it in a long time) Hence, I tried to find a way to overcome this. At last, fortunately, the person beside me was the same group with me. He's the 3rd person in my group. I greet him and we started to introduce ourselves. Then, we talked a lot about ourselves, our course, interested country and else. (Panel 12 was so long! Candidates from Panel 13, already finished 2 group. But my panel, 1 group still does not finish) Lucky! My legs now already stopped shaking.

Alhamdulillah.. All praises to Allah..
When it's time for our turn, we queued up in front of the wooden door. Then, I knocked the door and entered the silent room. All of our interviewer were women. The moment I entered the room, they asked me, "Are you Mohammad Aiman? Why were you late?"

I explained to her (one of them) but she just simply said that, "That is an unexcusable reason" .I felt so down because one of the forbidden things to do during interview; NEVER EVER LATE! But, I just being cool and tried to avoid showing my emotion. Then, we were allowed to sit down.

Then, after a short briefing, they asked me to intoduce myself. Name, siblings, parents. I suprised because they gave the format to describe ourselves. WHAT? Then all of my preparation about 'describe myslef' will go to waste! Oh Allah.. It's okay.. Cool, cool..

Then, after described ourselves, now come the discussion part. But, before the title was read out loud, our interviewer asked any of us, whoever learned whatever foreign languages beside our mother touge. So, I was the only one who raised the hand. I told them that I've learned French language since I was in Form 1 until Form 5. They also asked me to translate some letter for them.

Saya makan nasi lemak pagi tadi.

So, I translated it and speaked loudly;

Je vais mange un nasi lemak le matin
(I ate nasi lemak this morning)

It's kind of advantage to me, since that I applied for engineering in France. After al of that fancy talk, the first interviewer read the title of the topic out loud.

Green Technology

Oh, man! What a 'strong' topic. As candidate number 1, I need to give out my opinion first.. Spontaneous because there's no time to think for an answer. So, 'goreng'... I talked about firstly Earth Hour. Explain about it. Then, about creating a filter on the smoke chamber of an industrial factory. Then, some ways to market it and reduce the price. Lastly, about Hybrid car and Solar car.

After finished with the topic, we entered the next topic, in Bahasa Melayu. I smiled after hearing the title.

Peranan Ibu Bapa dalam Kejayaan Anak-anak
(This was my Bahasa Melayu SPM Examination!)

I gave my opinion, 'goreng habis-habisan' and used all of my skill that I've learned in UIA during the English Communication Camp. Although that we were in the sitting condition, I can still use some of the skill, taught by Madam Nellia and Bro Deen.

Spine straight
Shoulder back
Head erect
Hand slightly curve, on the side.
(Hehe.. I've already made a song with them. To remember them effectively)

Then, after 1 and a half hour, the interview session ended. Before we stand up, I talked to one of the interviewer to correct my mistake before. After thanked them, I walked out from the room along with the others, one by one..

(My interview 'uniform')
(Smart isn't it?)


  1. ksian kamu
    tak pe
    insyaAllah dapat

  2. haha..
    mmg kesian..
    dah lambat..

    lepas interview tu plak, ade lagi nasib malang..
    nanti citer balik dalam blog nih

    insha allah..

    thanks ya!

  3. welcome2
    ala dont feel bad lah
    my intrview pun terok juga
    i screwed

  4. hoho..mmg satu kelebihan man belajar bahasa technology? mcm susah je..huhu...InsyaAllah bole nye...:)

  5. sya : kelebihan tu.. boleh la gak..

    wahaha.. green technology.
    siyes susah kot..
    aku dah la org first..

    jawapan spontan je..
    nasib baik la boleh gak jawab. cume gagap skit..
    (beza betul man time kat UIA)

  6. nadia : haha.. xpela..
    same to u..
    don;t feel bad gak..

    skrg tinggal doa jela.

    insha allah~

  7. haha..tu la..dah la spontan, org first plk tuh..rasanya kalau sya..mesti dah terdiam technology..adoi...

    haha..gagap tu biasa la lain pon mesti ada jgk yg gagap..:) InsyaAllah bole..dressing dah je..haha..cuma lewat tu je la..haha..harap2 dia paham..

  8. haha...
    spontan nak mampus..
    sambil ckp2 tu, sambil tu jugak la cari isi.

    ni gagap, jg nbanding ngan org lain..
    man biasenye xde gagap pun..

    lewat tu, asalnye kene marah.. cume x citer kat sini.. haha

  9. haha..wah..biasanya xde gagap..hari ni bole gagap? hoho..nervous sungguh tu..hoho..cakap sambil cari isi..sbb tu man gagap ok least..keluar gak isi..haha..klu sya tak tahu la macam mana..duk ulang2 isi sama je la kot..haha..

    owh..kena marah ek..dugaan..:)

  10. bagos!!!! aku respek n salute keberanian ko..=)

    chaiyok aiman!!
    wei, mcm mane nak tukar layout blog r....
    aku pun nak gak layout ceria mcm ko nyer..haha

  11. weh2..tahniah2!
    yg penting dah lepaaaas:)
    aku rse ko bgos laa sbb igt lg bhsa prancis,
    kalao aku mmg sah2 xngaku blaja jepun.sbb aq da xigt haha
    papepun weh,ko da wat yg terbaeeeekkkk!!!
    doa byk2 ok kwn:)

  12. salam. patutlah tak ketemu sama kamu semalam. rupa2nya terlambat plus panel 12 pulak. saya panel 5. hehe.

    mak aih, lama benar duduk dalam bilik tu. 1 jam 30 min ??? saya 45 min sahaja.

    mujur kami tak disoal tentang Green Technology. hihi. Sijil Bahasa asing pun tak ditanya. fuh.

    btw, sila jenguk blog saya untuk membaca pengalaman temuduga saya pula ! hehe :)

    SALUT !

  13. sya : haha... ntah. gagap sebab tu kot..
    byk gak mengarut smalam.,. adoi.. kene marah lagi time awal2 mule masuk.. ceh..

    siraj : haha.. salute? ape keberanian plak.. haha.. anyway, thanks yo..
    kalo ko nak tukar layout camni.. ade beratus2 lagi dalam web nye.. ko klik kat blog aku nye bawah skali.. ade tulis 'deluxe template'
    ko gi sane.. pilih dulu nak camne.. then, cnotact aku kat fb.. aku ajar langkah seterusnye..

    zahra : haha.. tu la.. jauh kot.. kamu panel 5 rupenye.. heh.. kalo jumpa pun, ntah x kenal kot.. muke camne pun xtau.. haha.. okla..
    hmm.. mmg lame.. group sblum aku pun 1 jam 15 minit.. interviewer kitorang strict la.. sakit tol..
    sijil bahasa asing tu, mmg kene bgtau.. nak market diri skit.. kan mintak engineering france.. =)

    thank you all!!

  14. husna : lupe plak ko.. hehe..

    tu la.. syukur dah lepas. seksa minda kot.. haha..
    ko mmg.. blaja jepun, xnak ngaku lak..
    ko boleh la ngaku gak..
    kalo die suh translate.. ko tibai je la.
    dorg bukan paham pun.. haha..
    aku pun nasib baik die bg ayat simple.

    thanks kawan!


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