Friday, 16 April 2010

My Traumatic Moment


All of these zikr keep flowing from my mouth. I was so scared and don't know what to do. It's my first time going through this panic situation. Allah.. (-.-')

* * * * * * * * * * *

The clock shows the figure of 11.55 p.m. After finished my work in the Pizza Hut, I walked out through the back door. Unfortunately, I slipped and my fibula hit against the higher floor ground. ARGH!! It's hurt so much!! Allah.. I started to feel the pain, and slowly, the blood flowing in the feet, made me felt like it's going to explode.. I could barely walk to my car.. My steps was random and I 'jengket-jengket' and 'seret-seret' towards my car. It hurt me badly and I can see a blueish-purple mark on my fibula's skin..

Hence, I started the engine, and begin my journey to Bukit Rahman Putra 7.

When I was approaching the Esso Petrol Station, suddenly two motorcycles was speeding beside me, try to enter my road. I was so shocked and to avoid them, my hand automatically turn the wheel, making my car turned to the right side of the road. Without any thought, my car stopped there for a moment. I looked at both of the motorcycle on the rear mirror.

Then, suddenly, a gold-coloured Kancil enter the road. It was still far away from me. I was just looking at it, while my car was already stopped on the road. I was hoping to give him the chance to move first, so, I didn't do anything at all. But, it seems that he just moved towards me, without trying to evade me. Like he was busy with something in the car. Then, when his car was moving towards me...


Our car crash together!!

All of these zikr keep flowing from my mouth. I was so scared and don't know what to do. It's my first time going through this panic situation. Allah.. (-.-')

After seeing he got out from his car, I did the same too. We were not 'debating' or 'salah-menyalah' at first.. He was busy examining his car, and the same with me.. My car's paint worn out, and I can clearly see a damaged-part. But, to his Kancil, the bumper was damaged, and his headlight was a little disturbed.. I called Abah to inform this situation. Luckily, he still didn't reached home yet. He's still in his way to return home. Hence, while he's near the Hospital Sg Buloh, he headed towards the 'crime-scene'

While for that Kancil man, he called his friends to come and help him. While we were trying to fix his car, that man's friends came and helped him. Then, after finished with that, we decided to keep his car in my house, to send it to the workshop tomorrow. Then, after reached home, I told Ummi everything. We were grateful to Him, because nothing happened to me..

I don't know what to say.
It's my fault
And it's also his fault also

It's my fault, because I entered the wrong road.
What can I do?
Rather than I knocked out the motorcyclist accidently..
But, it's also his fault.
Because, if he want to stop or evade me, he can do it.
But why?
Why did he didn't stop, even a little??

For those teenagers who just received the license, please be careful.
If possible, have an adult to accompany you during this 'beginner drive'


  1. owh...macam tu cite dia..I was so shocked tau tak bila baca kt FB ckp man dah bole rasa la..InsyaAllah xde pape jadi kt Man.klu tak takkan sempat nk hantar sms kt FB kan? ye la..luckily Man selamat. a'ah..mmg kena hati2 la lepas ni..:)

  2. nasib baik ko tak ape2..yes,this really shocking me..tak pyh blanje pizza

  3. ya allah man; be careful drive mlm2 wahh takut aku.nseb kereta ta apa apa ~
    pengalaman baru utk kao.

  4. sya : haha.. kot2 la kalo accident masuk hospital.. time tgh otw nak ke ICU, update status kat FB.. HAHA..

    husna : alaa.. ko terkejut ke.. baru igt nak blanje pizza.. xpela, ko xnak..

    mira : mmg pengalaman! aku xkan lupa sampai mampos.. haha. sampai ajal maut, i mean.. haha

  5. aku taknak laaa mintak pizza..benda lain laa..boring la pizza.tgk ko je pizza,tgk pizza je ko.jadi kita mkn mknnn france

  6. haha..
    tgk aku, rupe piza ek..

    tgk piza tu lak, rupa aku??


    france ek..
    jadi, delifrance jom!


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