Friday, 2 April 2010

Miss Him...

In this silent and quiet night, just after I finished doing my resume, preparing my interview, I was, unintentionly, feeling lonely.. With any thoughts, I entered myspace website and started to log in. Then, I opened someone's page that I knew that person well. I just kept examining the photos.

Without my thought, I felt really sad and suddenly, without my permission, some colourless liquid started to roll down my cheeks.. I was so shocked. Why? Why I'm crying? I should not be like this! But, my palm kept holding the back of the mouse, and to an exact point, I opened a folder in my computer. Just when I feeling alone, I have opened a folder containing a lot of memorising pictures..

I turned on the slide view mood, and unexpectedly, my playlist at that time, was playing the Maher Zain's song. Insha Allah.. The sad and slow mood song made me feel more sad but I didn't close the playlist. Just the perfect song for this situation. Instead of closing it, I just kept looking all of the pictures, surrounded by the song. Again, a bucket of crystal tears kept flowing out from my eyes and it was the first time I felt like this. It happened before, but not as sad as this!

I missed somebody..
I missed him badly..
He was the one that matured my mind.
He was the one that that made me feel very happy.
He was the one that always there for me.
He was the one that taught me to be strong.
He was the one that taught me to become a good brother.
He's like my best friend..
He's also like my own brother.
(Well, he is after all)

Wherever you are right now, I'll always pray for you. May Allah bless you always.
Hope you are safe and I am sure that, you've been a good boy.
Ya Allah, take care of him..


  1. adik kau pasti okay laa aimanamri.jgn risau sgt..
    die xde kol ke??
    ko pgla lawat ke..
    bad idea?
    erm,doalaa byk2 allah jge adik ko.
    he'll be fine:)

  2. hm..

    bukan masalah aku risaukan die..
    aku harap die okay la..

    but the main idea, aku rindu die..
    tu je..
    die xde call pun.. msg pun x..

    lawat? mmg bad idea kot..
    xpe.. no need to sorry..

    insha allah.. aku pun harap Allah jage die..

  3. spe plak ni? um, apepae pun, jgn sedih ;D happy2 ye !

  4. chu are : you don't need to know the detail.. haha.. private..

    anyway, thank you for your concern..

  5. Man, tak kira la Man cakap pasal sape pon....yg pasti....sabar ye...jangan bimbang sangat..InsyaAllah dia dilindungi Allah...Allah kan sentiasa ada dengan hambaNya..

    'coz always by your side'
    ~maher zain's InshaAllah

    btw..dia bertuah sbb dpt abang/kawan mcm Man..

  6. hm..
    aku x risau sgt yg tu..

    aku cume rindu je..
    kesal die leh lupakan aku..
    tu je..

    betuah ye? tell that to him..
    die x sedar..

  7. ke..rindu...hurm..biasa la tu..rasa rindu kt seseorang tu mmg susah nk dibuang..apatah lg kalau yg rapat ngn kita..dia lupakan ko eh...haisy..since aku xkenal dia..aku xleh nk ckp bnyk..yg pasti..kes mcm ni mmg selalu jadi..kt aku pon da bnyk kali...

    macam ni Man..cuba pikir positif..kadang2 manusia ni..bila dah kehilangan orang tu barula kita sedar betapa penting nya dia dalam hidup kita..jadi..mungkin sekarang ni dia lupakan mungkin akan sampai suatu masa..dia akan rasa yg dia da semakin jauh dgn ko..dan pada waktu tu la dia akan sedar dia xpatut buat ko macam tu..bila sampai tahap ni..klu dia cari ko balik...and korang dah contact balik..mungkin korang akan jadi lebih rapat..dan yg pasti dia akan lebih menghargai ko selepas ni..
    remember..absence makes the heart grows fonder..:)

    Ya..dia memang bertuah..jangan risau..lambat laun InsyaAllah dia akan sedar benda nih..:)


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