Thursday, 22 April 2010

Matrik (Late Post)

Haha.. Surely you guys going to laugh at me.. This is such an old news. Anyway, no matter you going to laugh or not, I DON'T CARE. I mean. People always affected by others behaviour to them.

That's why I've created an idiom,

People usually fall down when the others told them to be careful.

People always affected by others' words, pressure and else


Okay okay, let's move to main point of this post. The 'old' news that I'm going to tell you is...


I've got the Matrikulasi Kulim.
It was my oldest brother ex-Matrikulasi.
Like brother like son.

Angah got STAR, me too
Abey got Matrik Kulim, me too.

Since that I was rejected by JPA, so, the only choice now are matrik and UPU. I prefer UPU rather than matrik. The reason? Too complicated..

But, don't worry guys. Everybody's now were confused, Matrik or UPU? Am I right?

So, Insha Allah. Someday, I'll write a post about UPU and Matrik so that you will see, which one is better for you. (Just like I wrote the JPA and MARA)

Just you wait..


  1. haha.
    semua konpius ng tggu upu ke sambar ja matrix. xD

  2. haha,,
    biase r tu..
    xyah risau la..
    UPU kuar sebelum daftar matrik..

    so, bole hpilih r time tuh..

  3. slm
    harap ko ley tulis psl matrix ngan upu cpat sket sbb ramai ngah pening

  4. adilah : bagus r ko tau.. =))

    zul : sabo la bang.. tgh collect information lagi nih.. haha.. jgn risau.. insha allah.. aku akan post secepat mungkin..


  5. akif : same? ko kulim gak ek.. haha.. same sje sume..

  6. aiman..mimi ada sikit info kat blog mimi..haha
    tapi nak jugak tunggu info psl UPU & matriks aiman punye version..haha

    btw,mimi pon prefer UPU rather than matriks
    kita serupa :)

  7. owh..
    nanti man tgk..

    tunggu man punye version ek..
    man punye ni, wat reasearch skit2..

    sebab pengalaman sibling..
    so, advantage gak anak no 4..

    yup, man prefer UPU rather than matrik..


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