Friday, 16 April 2010

Long Time No See

Hmm.. It's been a long time since my latest post, which was about the '410' figure.. Well, what can I do? I was sooo busy with my occupation, working in Pizza Hut in The Store Sg Buloh..

My work started at 6 p.m. So, my precious time which was the usual period to update my blog, was burnt. After finished my job, I went to home at 12 a.m. Hence, the tiredness of working in there, preventing me from being active in Internet as usual.

There were some people who asked me,

"Bile nak update blog?"

Haha.. Who eat the chilli, he/she is the one who will feel the spicyness.. But, sorry pal.. I was too tired to write anything at all.. Honestly, there's a lot of things which I like to post about.

So, since that I was looking forward to quit my job in Pizza Hut, it seems that I will active again in the internet, giving useful information for all's sake. Insha Allah..

(The reason why did I quit my job, I will post about it later)


  1. haha..At last.setelah sekian lama menunggu..hohoho..
    wow..6pm-12am? penat2 patut la xsempat..huhu..

  2. slm Aiman
    aku bngge ko sdang cbe sdaya upaya untuk brkomunikasi dlm bi wlupown bnyk kekurngn x pe aku tetap salute ko sbb mncuba

    cme aku harap ko ley cuba perbaiki dri mse ke mse la sbb lgi best la klo bce blog ko tnpe ksalahan

    papepown congrats
    keep up the good work

  3. haha..
    aku tau.. BI aku mmg teruk grammar..
    out gile..

    aku x kisah.
    asalkan aku buat gak..

    nak wat camne..
    kelas BI xde..
    aku pun xtau nak blaja mane.,,
    abg aku busy..
    slalu die yg perbetulkan.

    anyway,thanks ye?

  4. sya : lame nunggu kan.. haha.

    hm.. now u know it..
    no wonder la aku penat..


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