Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Hang Out

Yesterday, 26th April


Me, Hazim, Sulhi and Aqilah

Should be?
Alfie, Monique and us

Duuh~ Pity with Aqilah. The only girl in the group. Alfie and Monique told me that they're not coming, so last minute! The moment I knew the truth, Aqilah already at KL Sentral. But, what can I do? She came all the way from Nilai to see us. So, Alfie and Monique, the next time we meet, you need to pay the compound. MUAHAHA!!

So, there're nothing for me to say. Speechless I would say. So, just enjoy the fun. We went to the Cosmic Bowl. For this time, it was 'lighter' than the last time I entered this arena, with the other Ruhul Tajdid's members.

RM10 for 3 game. But, in the middle of the game, Hazim and Aqilah wanted to quit. They were boring and headed out of the arena. Hence, Sulhi and I played like crazy. Haha..

I also want to mention that, during these game, the group beside us, were from MCKK! Haha.. I was so suprised during the game. Thanks to Hazim for pointing me one the guys t-shirt. I greet them, asked them if they were really from Koleq and proudly I said,

"Wei, aku budak STAR"

They were also suprised with my words. Haha. We talked a lot, but, I didn't manage to get their contacts, even FaceBook. T_T

Then, we went to the Golden Screen Cinemas to watch The Crazies. It was terrifying, suspending movie. But still, it cannot beat the movie SAW. ^_^

After ended, we went to surau to perform our Zuhur prayer and then, ate at the Burger King. Then, we headed towards the KTM and returned home.

Jumping in the Cosmic Bowl

Waiting for his shoes

After scoring her first strike

After ate at Burger King
Don't be fooled by the sweet smile.
This is a guy, who ate Double Mushroom Burger, and still asking for more.


  1. weh apekah maksud ko dgn menyatakan ... "weh,aku budak STAR?"
    mau carik gado kah?haha

    kawan ko memang mempunyai nafsu yg besar oh
    ko tak mcm tu ke aimanamri?

  2. husna : haha.. itu trend kiteorang la.. kalo aku jumpe budak STAR, atau budak koleq.. kiteorang mmg sebut camtuh.. nak bagi die tahu..

    dorang kalo jumpe kiteorang pun camtu gak..
    "wei, aku budak koleq.."

    bab2 makan tuh, aku nafsu besar gak.
    tapi, time nih, aku x lapar sangat..
    so makan skit je..
    burger 1, french fries n air coke..

  3. huh..laki mmg nafsu besar pon.badan aje keding.

  4. biase r..
    laki makan byk2, x gemuk..
    jgn jeles~
    pompuan makan byk je, terus tambah berat badan..



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