Saturday, 24 April 2010

Flat Top

I want to try a new thing!
A totally new thing
(to me)

Since that my hair were long, so I decided to go to Kg Melayu and make an appointment with the barber in there. Hehe.. So, to make it short, I drove my car to Kg Melayu and headed towards the barbershop nearby.
To moment I entered the shop, some crazy ideas showed up in my mind. Hence, after taking a seat, I told the barber,

"Anne, potong petak eh?"

So, the process continued.. Bla bla bla.. Then, finished. I paid him and returned home. Well, when I arrived, instantaneously I grabbed the towel. Then, make myself like a cow, I moooooooved to the bathroom to take a bath. When I looked at the mirror,

What the fish?
A little bit funny I think?
Totally crazy~

(Surely I'll remember about this for the rest of my life)


  1. tahniah aimanamri..ko dah berjaya kalahkan monyet tu.
    gambar ko berjaya menarik phatian aku smpai ape yg ko tulis sume kabur.

  2. xde keje ko ni..
    jangan lah bandingkan aku ngan monyet..
    konpom2 aku menang ngan monyet..

  3. waahh man !

    gi-la coolio rambut baru anda !

    ala ala soldier ja !


  4. hoh..

    x kisah..
    saje nak test

  5. *speechless bile tgok pic ko tuh*
    ;p usahla kamu mau uat muke sprti pic beruwk ko kat post before ni
    aq taw, kamu jeles ngan beruwk tu kn kn kn?
    tu la nak try new style.. hehehe
    jst kiddng ;p

  6. ouh rambut baru dia..muka je macam pelik skit..hahahha..terkejut tgk rupa sendiri..hahahha.......

  7. nadia : haha.. wat muke beruk?? x bajet.. bukanla.. itu la muka GANAS askar.. huhu..

    sya : smart? haha. pelik ade la.. heh.. nampak tua..


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