Sunday, 18 April 2010

Bye Bye Pizza Hut !

The way they having contact
The way they socialize with each other

I can't stand it anywmore..
I'm scared!
I don't want to be like that!

Gazillion of people were wondering, why di I quit my job at Pizza Hut.. (Haha.. A 'little' hyperball). I worked as kitchen members as Aux Chiller, whose responsible to make all kind of food in pizza hut except pizza (which mean all type of rice, spaghetti, garlic bread and else)

There are 3 type of workers in Pizza Hut..
  • Service - Workers who serve customers
  • Kitchen - Workers who made all kind of food
  • Rider - Workers who responsible who responsible to deliver the pizza via delivery

Normally, when I was having skin contact with different sex people, it would be like a current shocked to me, trying to avoid it. But, since I worked in there, when I was accidently touch their to hand to pass the stuff like clipper, receipt, knife and others, the 'electric shock' did not occur.

I wonder, why it felt like I don't really cared about this anymore? Hence, I concluded that being as a worker in there, can change my way of socializing with them.


Hence, I quit!
That's all the reason..

(Actually it's more complicated than this. But, as conclusion, there you are..)
I'm sorry guys. I just can't fit with you guys..


  1. well, WELCOME to the WORLD my frend,
    this is the reality
    dont be toooo culture shock lah
    u;ll get used to it n u will try to avoid it somehow

  2. yeah.
    i know this how nowadays world..

    cume, motif aku tulis nih, nak tarbiah rakan2 lain yg masih belum lagi terpengaruh budaya nih, supaya tidak terpengaruh..


    anyway, bukan culture shock la..
    tapi, lari dari actual culture.

  3. hurmm..baguslaa aimanamri
    tapi,itu mmg akn terjadi..bkn aku kata it's fine to socialize
    tp mmg ko akn bergaul ngan laki dan pompuan
    tp bgos sbb ko msih punya iman yg kental lntas stop kerja.
    lpas ni jadik maid je kat rumah tu

  4. haha..
    aku x kate xmau sosial..
    cume xnak over social..

    bergaul tu, aku bergaul jugak
    cume xde sentuh menyentuh la..

    boleh gak..
    familya ku, makan piza stiap ari..

  5. slm
    nk trglak pown ade bce post nie... bgi aku la x yah la smpi benti keje... u r not slving the prob... x pe la tu sumer pilihan ko... harap ko bhgie psnie

  6. haha..
    ko xtau ape yg aku alami..

    makin rosak aku dok situ..
    nak ubah susah..
    dah mmg gaye org kl..

    ape aku leh wat.
    cegah ngan hati la..


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