Friday, 30 April 2010

Bonne Anniversaire, Angah!

29 April 2010
What's so important?
I've been thinking about this

Then, suddenly, something triggered my mind. Heh. That guy's birthday. So, as I was going to send a message to him, at 12 o'clock in the night. Eh? The time zone in UK is different.

So, I just ignored it, and back to Facebook. Hehe..

In the next morning, after performing the Subuh prayer, I grabbed my Sony Ericsson, and texted him.

Happy Birthday angah.
May Allah bless you always!


Then, he replied,

It is still not 12 o'clock yet.
But, thanks.

Huh? I thought that the difference of Malaysia's time zone and UK's is 7 hours? Hmm.. Maybe because of the area with GMT 0 is wide. So maybe, there are a little different in minutes.

But, the most important thing is,
I wished


Mat Bunga
(He keep thinking about marriage)

At the top of The Rock of Gibraltar
(Macho? Naa..)

Future Leader
(Insha Allah)

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