Thursday, 8 April 2010

410 - My Favourite Number

The total number of people who apply for JPA are 18,844.
10,114 were selected to go to the next level.
(Which is the interview)
5th - 9th April 2010

For medical course,
JPA will only sponsor about 600-800 students.


For ENGINEERING course in
France, Germany and United States of America,
JPA will sponsor 410 students.
Oh Allah..
Would You include my name in the 410 lucky people,



  1. saya akan mula menyukai nombor 410. :)

    Moga doa anda, saya dan mereka dimakbulkan. amin.

  2. utk dentistry brape pulak

  3. InsyaAllah..klu ada rezeki..dapat la tuh..410? hurm...nice..:)

  4. husna : yup.. insha allah.. doa je skrg..

    zahra : haha.. betul2.. kene suke no ni.. insha allah.. Allah makbulkan doa kita.. amiin..

    nadia : dentistry? xtau maa.. sori2.. haha

    sya : tu la.. kalo ade rezeki, dpt la.. kalo x.. xdela.. xpela.. doa2 je la.. insha allah..


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