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Untalkative Bunny

There was a man, in my class. His name is Kamil Hakimi.. He always wear a creamy-white cap.. I don't know why, but that is not the main issue in here.. And one more thing, my pure intention of writing this, not because I want to embrass anybody, especially him, but I want to highlight some unforgettable event that happened between Kamil and I..

FYI : He's like the untalkative bunny. Very quiet person..

The Untalkative Bunny

Now, proceed..

Brother Shariffudin and Madame Nellia always complain about him. They always asked him, why he should be like this.. But, as usually, no exact answer gave out by him.. Even some of my friends, make fun of him.. I don't wanna say their name in here.. Although that he does not have any reason to be connect with me, but, deep inside my soul, there's kind of feeling like,

Someone need to do something!

So, one day, (I can't really remember, what date was it) after we took our lunch at the main entrance of CELPAD, I invited Kamil to eat together at the Moot Court (In AIKOL) Mukhlis was with me at that time.. Therefore, we walked to the Moot Court while everybody was still around the Babush =)

While walking to our destination, I talked with him about his attitude.. He was hardly talked with me, but at the end, he managed to express everything (I think?) After hearing his story, I know now that he was forced by his father to join this camp..

Oh My God!

Plus, he don't want to befriend with us too much.. He afraid that he will become a naughty person. Hmm.. After hearing all of that kind of words, I decided to change him.. Although that I kinda mad that he said we are bad, but, I can't judge him because of that kind of reason!. He just need to know the real things.. (That's okay, Kamil.. No offense right?)

So, I smooth-talked with him, and I told him something.. Well, it's kinda hard to express what I said to him, like this.. So, as usual, I'll make a dialogue..

(This dialogue is written in Malay as this dialogue was in Malay)

Me : Kamil, aku tau yang ayah ko paksa ko datang sini.. Tapi, cube aku fikir dari pandangan positif.. Fikir, alang-alang ko dah kat sini kan, baik ko enjoy.. Ko tengok aku, enjoy gila duduk sini..
Kamil : Apa maksud ko? Kurang faham la..
Me : Camni.. Ok.. Sekarang ko dah ada kat dalam kem ni kan.. Aku tau ko tak suka kem ni.. Tapi, alang-alang ko dah ada kat sini, ko tak kan dapat lari dari kem ni kan? So, baik ko enjoy je sepuas-puasnya kat sini. Ko cakap je BI time kelas.. Agresif sikit!
Kamil : Tengok la.. Aku tengok, ko pun agresif gila.. Aku tak nak agresif sangat..
Me : Haha.. Ok.. Tu cuma hiperbola je.. Saja.. Haha.. Ko cuba fikir lak, ayah hantar ko ke sini, bukan free tau! Ye, aku tau ayah ko kaya, banyak duit.. Tapi, RM688 tu still duit tau.. Bukannya sikit.. Ayah ko kena kerja gak untuk dapat duit tu..
Kamil : Ok.. Kita tengok dulu.. Aku akan cuba.. Insya Allah..
Me : Hah! Macam tu la bagus.. Ok la.. Jom gi makan.. Dah sampai dah ni..

YES! Alhamdulillah! I'm doing it! (Notes that, 'doing', not 'did')
Still far away to go..
On the next day....

Kamil was kinda different today! He managed to make a jokes in the class, such as our presentation about the Adjective Poem for our name.. So, for the letter 'L' in his name, he made it 'Legendary'.. I know it's not funny in here.. But if you experienced it yourself, you'll know what I'm talking about.. (For the Ruhul Tajdid, you know right?)

I'm very happy to see his change now. I don't want one of my groupmate, were left behind. No one will be leave behind! (What kind of leader if I make that kind of mistake?) Alhamdulillah.. He's changed a bit. Although it's a little, well..

Thousands of steps started with the first step
Since that, he became a new Kamil.. Now I know, why Aqilily suggested our group name to be;

But the most exciting thing that, for our last presentation, the persuassive speech, KAMIL was selected as the most improved person! Oh Yeah, baby! I'm very happy to hear that.. =) For the best speech was AQILILY, but for the most sporting and interesting person = ALFIE! Haha.. Babush!

In a nutshell, we need to remember that
Don't succeed alone! Succeed together gather!

(FYI, I've never told anyone about this except Brother Firdaus a.k.a. Bro Po, the main character in the Kung Fu Panda Movie. Wanna know why? Because he is chubby as Po, maybe chubbier! Haha.. And the other one that know about this is Hazim.. A sweet boy that became my best friend just in 1 week! But, I'll not keep this as our secret anymore, because I want everyone to change everyone!)


  1. babusshh hhee
    *so sweett*
    actuallyy kan if korg nak tahuu
    bro tak tgokk citer kngfu pnda lngsung
    tahuu thriller jee
    n chrcter die nama PO hhee
    tq tq
    about kamill
    gudd u did it dude!!!
    hope kamill akan bcme moreee better now n afte hehee

  2. yeah bro.. rugi la x tgk citer kung fu panda..

    saya tgk kat star , pasang wayang, satu skolah tgk..

    ya allah.. bising! gelak2 je.. citer mmg lawak gile.. haha

    kamil tu, harap2 die jadi alfie.ek? haha

  3. hahaha
    besh yek??
    hruumm nak dunload lah lepas ni
    *agak ketngln disni*

    tulah harap die jdi mcm more talkative
    n be
    if tak dpt jdi seBAGUS alfie
    pun adleastt die leh ckp dgn bgus kat rami purg pun dah ckp
    kan kan

  4. kung fu panda mmg best! lawak!
    haha.. konfem x kering gusi..

    betul3.. insya allah dia akan jadi berani skit. more talkative..

  5. alhamdulillah, selamat pun menjejaki blog ni. =) nice post about Kamil. ehh, aiman ambil lagi Maher Zain dri blog kite ke? ^_^

  6. yasmin : haha. igtkan blog man kene block oleh pc min.. haha.. dapat jugak bukak ye?
    lagu maher zain tu mmg dah lame minat la..
    insha allah paling best.. ade lagi yang lain syok2..
    open ur eyes
    for the rest of my life..

    maher zain best!

    aina : go kamil je ke??? go ruhul tajdid skali!!

  7. korg mmbuatkn aku rindu plak kt korg..weeeee~

  8. haha.. rindu ye..
    man pun sgt2 rindukan everybody..

  9. FYI, kamil tu budak skola aku. kelas sebelah. die mmg macam tu. diam gile. aku xpenah dengar die cakap. kalau time rehat, rehat sorg2. kalau org ckp dgn die, xpenah bg respon. tnye pape, die senyum je.xpun, die tgk muke ko mcm nak telan. haha. mmg weirdo gile ah. bagus la ko buat mcmtu. atleast, maybe die akan rase confident sikit ke :)

  10. hana : haha..budak skol ko upenye.. kecik sungguh dunia ni..
    ya ka..
    mmg camtu..
    xpe r..
    harap2 die talkative skit lepas nih..


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