Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Sad Sad Sad...

Just when I woke up from my good sleep this morning, I was shocked.. I dreamt about my SPM Result.. I can still feel my some wet dropping on my cheeks.. I was crying while sleeping! How sad!

Then, silently in the room, I cried.. I was too scared to go through for tomorrow.. Oh Allah.. Please help me. Guide me, show me your way.. Tears that rolled down my cheeks was unexpectedly warm. I felt a little relieved. Felt like all of my sadness and nervous were expelled away from me through the watery-subtance..

Then I made up my bed then quickly left the room after switched off the fan. I went down the stairs and headed towards the computer.. After log in the facebook, I opened all the notifications that were in there. One by one..

Then, after finished the examination of notification, unintentionly, I clicked the IfLA Group Page. After looking at the amount of the members; 71 members.. Hmm.. A great opportunity, I guess?

Then, carefully, I entered the 'message to all members' area. Then, slowly, carefully, and unintentionly, I expressed all of my feeling into the white rectangle empty box.. It's about wishing good luck and praying a lot to him. Insya Allah.. Allah will help us.. Just have a faith with Him!

(I don't wanna write the content here, because it's too long)
But if you wanna know what's the content, you can leave your comment in here,
and give me your email in your facebook. I'll resend it to you..

Then, after clicking the 'Send Message' button, I felt more relieved..

I'm happy when someone made me happy..
So, why don't I be that 'someone'??

Hence, I guess, after the expression, I really felt something for tomorrow.. Oh Allah, it's better if that 'something' is a good thing.. Not the bad one.. Then, after finished all of that, I grabbed my towel, then went into the bathroom to prepare myself for today..

While the clean warm water from the water heater was flowing onto my fair skin, I was still remembering for tomorrow.. Then, without any warning, I cried (again) in that bathroom.. I still not brave enough for tomorrow..

What if I screw up?
What if my Addmaths spoil the result?
What if I don't score straight As?

I really cannot take this anymore.. After changed and get ready for Zuhur prayer, I cried again.. How am I going to go through for today? Let alone for tomorrow! After hardly performed my Zuhur prayer, I prayed to Allah.. Wishing for my result to be okay (cried)

Then, I went to the kitchen for my lunch, as prepared by Ummi after she returned from the school. Even while eating, I still felt a little sad and not so in mood for eating. But, I managed to finish up my lunch for today, thinking the efforts that Ummi has gave out for this..

I opened the computer again, logged in to the Facebook again. Hmm.. So many notifications although it's just being an hour.. There were messages too!

I opened up all the notifications and messages. Suddenly, I felt sooo relieved, by reading all the responds of my message from before to all IfLA's members. Thanks, guys!

I want to highlight some of the responds that cheered me up!

Noor Syamimi March 10 at 1:53pm
wah bagos la kamu nih,haha
ok all the best tomorrow :)
& thx for the message,best mssg :)

Nur Amirah Baihakki
haha da bace UTUSAN kao yg panjg tapi bermutu ~
yaww~best OF luck esok ! tiada ape yg mustahill disisi ALLAH.semoge kejayaan yg diredhai milek bersama ameen

Noor Syamimi
best mssg haha :)
mssg yg telah menenangkan sikit gundah di hati
haha btw thx aiman
& good luck to semua budak2 IfLA yeh :)

Zatil Syakira
hahaha...thanks bnyk2..mmg tenang la jgk rasa lps baca msg tuh....
smpat lg aku gelak2 hari ni sbb msg tuh..
ingtkan mustahil da aku nk gelak hari ni..

Nadzirah Fatanah Muhd Fadzil
pg2 lg aiman da wt ftnh nangis..aduh..takot nyew...

Zatil Syakira March 10 at 1:54pm
hurm......thanks sbb hantar msg tuh..
tenang skit rasa nk..tension pon hilang sbb asyik duk gelak baca msg tuh..
haha..lawak sgguh..mcm2 gaya bahasa ko guna..
thanks a bunch yeah!

Nur Amir March 10 at 2:31pm
best of luck to u gak..yup3 bagus arr ayat ko..
pngubat keresahan d hati..ha3..

Aina Sukarno March 10 at 2:56pm
thnx alot !!! :)
gud luck untk kaw jugak :))

Anas Farhana March 10 at 3:14pm
salam...thanks,friend,cuz u r the 1st person today who makes me laugh+smile...may Allah bless.
"yg meringankan bebeban org lain(tensen dok pikir result neh),
akan dibukakan oleh Allah pintu kesenangan baginya"
Good luck for ur result~

At the end of this post, I want to recide the doa for all of us. Insha Allah..

Ya Allah ya Tuhanku,
Kau ampunkanlah dosa-dosaku,
dosa kedua ibu bapaku,
dosa guru-guruku,
dosa rakan-rakanku..

Kau berikan lah kami kejayaan di dunia dan di akhirat ya Allah..
Kau terangkanlah hati kami,
lapangkanlah dada kami,
bukakanlah minda kami.

Aku memohon kepada Mu ya Allah..
Sesungguhnya tiada pertolongan selain daripada Mu ya Allah..

Kaulah Tuhan sekalian alam.

Kami memohon kepada Mu ya Allah.
Berikanlah kejayaan kepada kami pada esok hari ya Allah.
Apa jua keputusan yang Kau berikan, kami redha ketentuan Mu ya Allah..



  1. seronok ko
    ade kwn2 yg slalu support:)

  2. Sekali lg Aiman..aku rasa post ni sgt sweet...
    rasa terharu jgk sbb rupanya ada jugak org yg appreciate apa yg aku tulis...thanks bnyk2 Aiman...n sekali lagi jugak...ko berjaya buat aku senyum....:)

  3. husna : aku ade kawan yg suppport hanya apabila aku tinggalkan STAR.. sebab tu aku lebih hargai geng2 UIA nih.. they're better.. aku suke mereka..
    n lagi satu, bile org appreciate kite, mesti kite suke.. jadi, sebab tu aku appreciate dorg.. baru dorg support aku..
    someone need to start it first, right??

    syakira : sgt sweet ye.. kan aku dah ckp.. tgk la sape yg tulis.. hehe.. poyo lak..
    anyway, kalo ko terharu, bagus la.. me likey!

    hei.. that's my line..
    aku suke gile bile korg sume appreciate ape yg aku tulis panjang2 untuk korg..ramai ucap thanks.. itu je yg aku nak dgr atas segala usaha aku wat kat sape2 pun..

    hehe.. wat org senyum tu mmg matlamat aku hidup.. sebab aku suke bile gembirakan hati aku.. so, i should also be the person that make people happy..

  4. hahaha...yee..da tgk da sape yg tulis..aiman amri yg tulis...haha ke....xsia2 aku ckp thanks kt ko..hoho
    tp xkira la line sapa pon..aku still suka sbb ko appreciate msg aku..hehe..
    bagus laa...klu ko gembirakan hati pon akan gembirakan hati ko jgk..:)

  5. aku mmg sweet kot.. haha.. poyo lak.

    hm.. yup.. kalo kita gembirakan hati org, kita pun akan gembira..

    "yg meringankan bebeban org lain
    akan dibukakan oleh Allah pintu kesenangan baginya"

  6. InsyaAllah..Semoga Allah bukakan pintu kesenangan untuk kau..dan utk kita semua...Amin~~

  7. salam, alahai aiman....selalunya,klu seseorg tu mimpi bruk, tp,pd realitinya, dia dpt yg baik. mcm mimpi aiman tu lah. apa2 pun, once again, tahniah! ats result aiman. ^_^

  8. min, thanks!
    pasal mimpi2 nih, x arif sgt..

    but, anyway, alfu syukran!
    x sangke pun ble ydapat result camtuh..
    x sangke jugak bleh tergolong dalam golongan cerdik pandai kat skolah..

    kat skolah bukan pandai pun.. average je
    anyway, min, congratz to u too!
    11A. greater than me!


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