Monday, 1 March 2010


20 February 2010

The clock shows the figure of 2. It's already 2 o'clock in the morning. After I finished watching movies of 'Yamakasi' in my iPod Touch, I know it's time for me to sleep. But the wallpaper of my iPod, a picture of my precious little brother and I together during our Sport's Day in STAR 2009 reminded me of him.

It's been 49 days that I didn't meet him since that I followed the family to send him back to STAR, 3rd of January 2010. I walked out of my room and headed towards the volleyball courts. I sat there quietly, and having a little flashback memories. Unintentionly, crystal of water flowed, rolled down my cheeks. I cried there silently remembering him..

It's not that I didn't miss my own parents and family, but I'm already sick of homesick. 5 years of me being in STAR taught me well to be tough when it comes to family. But THIS? Deep inside my hearts, I can never hold out this tiny little feeling for him. After I released all of my sadness through my tears, I stood up and walked towards my room. I caught my blanket and lied on my bed, quietly, and tried to sleep..

"My little brother.. I love you just as I love everybody in my family"


  1. ur adek angkat tu ke?
    bpk syg gile nk mati ko kt dye

  2. yup.. my adik agkt..

    ala.. kalo ko xde adik laki kandung, then ko dapat adik laki angkat, for sure ko pun akan syg cenggitu..

    sumer org camtu..


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