Tuesday, 30 March 2010

I'm Back !

Duh.. Driving test, both for motorcycle and motocar.. END.. Alhamdulillah... All praises to Allah.. For all His workdone for me, thank you.. I really grateful because I passed both of the JPJ's test. =)

For this post, I just want to say 'Hi' and 'Bye'.
Hi Hi Bye Bye.. Haha..

Well, I'm not saying that I'll continue to post something useful for you guys, because, my 'busy'ness still didn't end.

Lately, I received the invitation letter to attend the JPA's interview. Alhamdulillah.. I was so happy and really grateful to Him.. Engineering in France. Hmm.. It would be super duper great if I can make it!

I really hope to further my study in France. Since that I've learn French since I was in Form One, so I really looking forward for this.. French is my favourite language after English you know!
(Since that I only learned 3 languages.. Haha)

Well, for your information, for last year intake, MARA took about 2000 scholar while JPA took about 3000 scholar for the scholarship. Then, I need to make sure that I will become one of them this year!

Just you wait JPA!
I will make sure that you didn't waste your time by calling me to the interview!

By saying this kind of expression, I promised myself to keep training and practicing so that I will get the opportunity to further my study in France. In the same time, I will give some tips for attending an interview so that we will succees together!

Pray for me guys! Since that I'll pray for you too!
So, until that,

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