Monday, 8 March 2010

Do You Know Him?

I can still recalled some vivid memories during the precious Communicative English Intensive Camp, last weeks.. There were some golden minutes that I really appreciate.. Because it was a new useful information for me!

During the informative speech by the two sweet little girls, Yasmin and Aqlily.. Both from Sultan Alam Shah Islamic Collegue (KISAS).. The presentation was about

Mustafa Kamal Ataturk
(the most hated person ever!)

It's not my real intention to talk about him.. Because if I put the full info about him in here, it will be a very long and informative article.. But, the real thing that I want to express here is about a new information about him.. This new info about him was something that I really never know and never take alert of it..

I'm sure that almost of us know who is Mustafa Kamal Ataturk.. Even I know who is he.. To me, he's the best candidate to receive The Most Damned Person Ever! award (Lucky he's already dead)

I'm very aware about his biography.. About his lifetime and his 'heroic' action (Bluek!) I'm also know very well about his last minute in this world.. How he died, what kind of situation he's gone through during his last minute in this world, even after his death!

There were something that I've really never realised about him..


Allah.. I've never know about this, and never realised that I don't know about this.. (sad..) So, during this camp, I've now know, when was it.. Mustafa Kamal Ataturk died on 10th November 1938..

Therefore, thanks to Yasmin and Aqlily for this useful and precious information.. =)

People, if we have some new info, why don't you tell everyone about that? Don't you ever care wether they've already know about it or not.. Because our Prophet Muhammad (SAW) told us, if someone is giving us some new information that we're already know about it, just pretend that we'd never know about it.. Just nod slowly.. Give him/her some chance to deliver the dakwah!

Or maybe if we know something, are we really sure that we know everything about it?
(I mean everything!)
The story about it is just like the unfinished puzzle of our mind..

Complete the last puzzle of our mind!


  1. salam, aiman, bukan sultan azlan, tp kolej islam sultan ALAM shah. SASIC Sultan Alam Shah Islamic collegue. n 1 more thing, Aqlily, not Aqilily yea.. tat's all! alhamdulillah, nice entry! ^_^

  2. wassalam..
    a'ah ek.. camne leh silap tulis Azlan..

    Sultan Azlan tu name masjid kat belakang STAR.. Tempat man solat jumaat dulu2.. zaman muda2 kat skolah dulu..

    hehe.. Aqlily! Minta maaf! xtau name betul.. =(

    yeah.. hope that the next entry will be nice as usual..


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