Monday, 1 March 2010

UIA Petaling Jaya

20 February 2010

I went to participate in the Communicative English for SPM Leavers, organised by UIAM.. The intensive one..

Abey sent me to UIA Petaling Jaya at 11.00 a.m. by our brownish orange BGR Kancil (luckily it's not BGL.. Adikya will surely laugh) After the searching for the Seksyen 17 and Jalan Hospital enden, we entered the area of UIA and headed towards the c
arpark. We walked to the white tent (as said by Luqman). I finished my registeration and head towards the briefing room.

It's kinda boring but her english (the woman who is talking) is pretty interesting. Then, the briefing will continue again at 12.30. We headed to the cafeteria (forget to say, Mak
Adik and Ecky were also with us since the registeration) Then, after that, Mak Adik was now ready to head home.

Ecky and I headed to the white tent for our first program, G
roup Division.. Ecky, Luqman and I were in different group.. Our first activity was ice breaking, surely.. My group's partners were Kamil (still playing old game), Mira Jamaluddin (Micheal Jackson) and Diana Only (Diana Danielle) Then, after it's ended, we performed our Asar prayer then prepared for our departure to UIA Gombak.. The boys were staying at Mahallah Salahuddin.. The room was so nice and totally different from my dorm in STAR..

I'm the shortest.. Haha ;P
My roommates are :
Mohd Khairul Azizi bin Mohd Zaki
Mohd Akmal
Haniz Miura

Miss you guys ;(


  1. kah3.. kem communicative english la...

    wat kat UIA..

  2. dorm korg cnteknye

  3. wah aiman smgt tol guner cadar star ! STARiAN betul

  4. tiqa : kitorang bukan cam korang.. bukan dorm.. korang dorm kan?? kitorang dapat bilik.. satu bilik 4 org.. haha.. best tuh.. ade kunci loker and kunci bilik lagi..

    myraa : mesti r! semangat cintakan skolah.. luqman pun pakai cadar star.. yang kaler putih.. aku pakai bedspread skolah.. merah nye.. lawa skit.. haha.. senang nak kemas.. x berkedut..

  5. hahaha
    gila bestt
    xper xper
    kiteorg lgi ramai , lgi happenig
    aku stu compartment ngn tila :D

    eh eh mne der aku kutuk
    u cn take dat as a compliment
    heee :DD

  6. haha.. xde2.. kiteorg sikit2 camni pun, sebelah2 jerk.. siap ade tempat lepak2 lagi untuk borak2 ramai.,. dah la ade mesin basuh skali.. xleh lawan r.. haha..

    aku dalam bilik aku, sumer group 3.. aku sorg je ruhul tajdid.. haha.. ilek udah!

    x kutuk ye? xpe2.. aku anggap pembakar semangat.. haha

  7. asal korang punya mahallah ada style???
    tak terima betul

  8. biasak la tuh.. mahallah kiteorg baru nye..
    tapi satu je x best..

    blok pompuan kat sebelah je.. bahaya tol.. kot ye pun dah x muat kan mahallah pompuan, xkan la nak gi sumbat kat mahallah laki..

    org tgh lepak malam2 kat luar, bley je pompuan lalu sebelah.. ish3..


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