Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Same Old Same Old

As SPM leaver, it's very common that if I take the driving license. I have followed the UshaWira and have my training theorically and practically in Segambut. I'm free to choose my day and feel very comfortable with that. So, I want to mark on a stone about my daily routine when the class day's coming.

6.30 a.m.
I wake up and perform my Subuh prayer. Then, I prepared myself for those big day!

7.30 a.m.
Abah drive me to the place with his AgroBank's Proton Waja until arrive at Rimbun Restaurant. I make the order of roti canai and teh tarik which cost me RM2. As I eat, I read my 2008 diary and listen to my 16GB iPod Touch. (Maybe sometimes I will watch movies with that iPod. It could be more fun)

8.45 a.m.
I pay my food and get away from there. (Walking to UshaWira while the earphone is still in my ear)

8.55 a.m.
I climb the UshaWira' stairs and enter the room and wait for the journey to begin.

Well, it's kinda boring to you right? (me too. Maybe?) It's my daily routine for my driving class. So far, I'm just on my way to get the 'P' titles. (Note that there's a S there) I'm kinda busy with my family vacation and my camp before. =)

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